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Why Fat Loss is More Important Than Weight Loss?

Loi Boon Chen

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Think obese people are unhealthier than slim people? You may be surprise that this may not always be the case, as one of the key factors depends on the fats levels of the person and the location of the fats. A slim person can be equally unhealthy if his/her fats level is high and the majority of the fats are located at the belly, which is considered to be in the “dangerous zone" as belly fat known as visceral fat can raise a person's risk of diabetes and heart diseases.

Fats loss is therefore more important than weight loss and people should focus on losing fats rather than weights. But how to tell the difference between surplus weight and surplus fats before you can embark on a fats-loss program?

When people become overweight or obese, their fat percentage increase but changes in muscles and bone mass are minimal. Change in bone mass is also unlikely to lead to a drastic increase in weight as a 10% increase in bone mass only lead to an extra 1 to 1.5kg of body weight. Muscles, on the other hand, weighs more than bone mass and fats but unless you exercise and have high muscle mass, for most people, their surplus weight is mainly due to surplus fat.

To find out how much fats you have, a waist test (waistline that goes beyond 40 inch for man and 35 inch for woman is considered unhealthy) or fats test (using calipers or electronic body fat monitors) is a reliable measure of body fat. And if the body fat turns out to be low, then there is no need to loss weight. Otherwise, its time to look at the amount of fats (especially the belly fats) you have and start to do something about it!

Back to the topic of muscles, with good exercises and nutrition, muscle weight can increase drastically. For instance, someone with high muscle mass (eg bodybuilder or sports person) can weight much more than average (ie have a high BMI) but still considered healthy as their fats level is way below what the average person has. So there is no cause of alarm if your weight shots up due to muscle increases, which you can examine easily through looking at the mirror and see if the muscles are tone or flab.

All in all, if your surplus weight is due to muscles, no cause of alarm but if it is due to fats (which is the case for most people), then it is advisable for you to start your fats-loss program for a better health in the long run.

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