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Top 2 Super Foods to Burn Fat and Build Lean Muscle

Avy Barnes

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Proper nutrition is the most important aspect of any health and fitness plan. So often is the importance of what you should eat overlooked. In this article, I would like to talk about 2 super foods you should include in your diet to burn fat, build lean muscle, and improve your overall health.

Firstly, you must understand the basic core principles for a healthy lifestyle. Those principles are proper nutrition, weight training exercise, cardio exercise, drinking plenty of water daily, getting plenty of sleep every night, and then stay consistent with it all. . . . for life. A healthy lifestyle is a marathon, not a short trip around the corner!

The 2 super foods to burn fat and build lean muscle that I highly recommend you add into your diet are:

Beef Liver

Stop making that frown and let me explain! Beef liver contains several important nutrients. Beef liver contains carnitine which can boost your metabolism, B vitamins, protein, and creatine. Adding this food to your diet can cause extraordinary results. You'll notice an increase in muscularity and energy. I recommend having beef liver twice a week.

Can Of Light Tuna

Where do I start!? One can of tuna is only 120 calories, 10 calories of fat (the fat content is healthy fat), 20-26 grams of protein, no carbs, no sat. fat, no trans fat, very small amount of cholesterol & sodium, and an excellent source of B vitamins! Phew!

Tuna is a very versatile food. You can add it to salads, whole wheat sandwiches, by itself, and more!

Are you you ready to burn fat and build lean muscle now? I recommend for you to take a look at these powerful fat burning programs. These programs are straight to the point and are not your typical “low calorie", “no carb", “don't eat anything all day" type of diets.

I wish you the best of success in getting yourself in better health! Good Luck!

Avy Barnes is a long time health and fitness enthusiast. Being someone who once struggled in weight loss, muscle building, and overall health improvement, you will be able to connect more to all the information he provides through articles and his site. If you're looking for more free valuable tips, tricks, and secrets about weight loss & fitness, then be sure to visit Conquer Weight Loss , and enjoy a healthier and happier life.


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How to Burn Fat and Build Muscle But Also Prevent Losing Muscle
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