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Removing 100 Calories to Begin Burning Fat


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You may be wondering why burning fat is so difficult. Part of the difficulty is that we try to burn fat too quickly, and then revert back to what put the fat on in the first place.

Eating is a pleasure. Eating is supposed to be a pleasure. Going on a diet is a pain. You're supposed to have pain when you deprive your body of food. Instead, you ought to try just making little adjustments to your diet to cut a few calories off while still getting your eating pleasure.

For example, if you just cut 100 calories a day from your diet, approximately a slice of bread, you will burn as much as ten pounds of fat for the year from what you would have otherwise weighed after a year.

Getting rid of 100 calories a day could be as simple as yanking a daily glass of soda or juice out of your hands and replacing it with an apple or orange. Instead of having coffee and tea with a few lumps of sugar, you could just have water as a way of removing 100 calories from your diet. Or, just cut one handful of snacks per day. Instead of starting your day with bacon and eggs, start it with four or five pieces of fruit.

Think you need meat to feel full? You can replace one serving of meat with a serving of beans and still get the protein that makes you feel full without nearly as much fat. Trading a serving of fatty food each day for a serving of a bean-based food each day could cut that 100 calories a day off your diet.

Any of the mentioned changes that you think you can maintain indefinitely without feeling deprived could help you keep burning fat the rest of your life.

I have reviewed three of the top selling weight loss programs so you can feel confident in your choice of a program to help you reach your weight loss goals .


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Fat Loss Calories What Fat Loss Calories Will Help Me to Lose Weight?
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