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Weight Loss Mind Over Fatter

Claude Anthony

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Weight loss efforts can be such a drag. . . and they don't have to be.

It's not just the struggle with not being able to eat everything you want to and having to exercise when you don't want to that makes it so difficult; it's what goes on in your mind that causes the biggest struggle. People who struggle with the weight loss process are much more apt to fail than those who are happy and enjoy it.

Your weight loss efforts can be a happy process or a miserable drudgery, depending on how you handle it in your mind.

**The Mind-Over-Fatter Principle**

So what is the mind-over-fatter principle? The mind-over-fatter principle is simply:

"Those who keep their mind in a happy state will enjoy life more and succeed at losing weight. "

Well, actually, this principle applies to all walks of life. Why be miserable when you can be happy by doing something as simple as changing your mind.

**The Flower Garden Principle**

Yes, another principle. Actually this principle is the same as the one above only it tells you how to keep your mind in a happy state, even when things get tough.

Here it is:

"Don't stick your head in the garbage can and expect for life to smell like roses. If you want your life to smell like roses, hang out in the rose garden. "

Get the picture? Life will always have garbage situations. This is true for everyone. There is always the garbage can part of life where things just stink. But there is also always a garden part of every person's life where there is sunshine and roses.

The question is: Where do you want to hang out? The choice is yours.

You can live with your head in the garbage can (negative thinking, grumbling) part of your life and sit around and wonder why life stinks. Or you can refuse to stick your head in the garbage can and live with your head among the roses of life (positive and fun things).

In practice, it works like this:

Whenever you can't eat the fat-producing food you want, be glad you can eat what's going to have you looking slimmer and trimmer. Hey, this food is better for your health too.

And when it's time to take a brisk walk and you really don't want to, don't think about how much you don't want to walk, think about how good you are going to look and how much better you are going to feel at this time next year if you faithfully take your walks.

When you look at yourself in the mirror, don't think about how fat you are; think about how good you are going to look in six months. When you weigh yourself and see that you have lost 5 pounds, don't think about how much more fat you have to lose, think about how much fat is in a 5-pound can of Crisco and say, “Wow, thank God I got rid of that. . .in six months 50 pounds of that stuff will be gone. . . Whoopee!"

I think you get the idea. It may be difficult at first if you are used to thinking negatively, but the effort will be well worth it. And, believe me, this better way of thinking will pay off in many pounds lost and a much happier life.

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Weight Loss - Let The Mind Games Begin Eating
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