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Healthy Meal Plans How to Choose the Right One


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Can healthy meal plans help you to lose pounds? Of course! Losing weight is mostly diet and a bit of exercise, especially if you need to drop a lot of weight. Because of this choosing the right diet is important. Diets can differ greatly, from amount of calories suggested to the kinds of foods. How can you choose the right meal plan for you, without trying them all? You have to look at how each particular diet works to make you lose weight, and also how and what they advertise.

Why do you have to look at how or what a diet advertises? It's simple- good, working diet can stand on its own merit and doesn't need to be over hyped. In contrast, bad diets need to be super hyped in order to make you all excited, once you believe the hype, you will buy anything. So, avoid over hyped products promising to help you unrealistic results. In general, you should be able to lose 2-5 pounds per week consistently, if you have a lot of weight to lose, first week or two you could lose 10 pounds. But anything promising you results beyond that is mostly unrealistic. Also, look at the pictures of those who lost weight with that diet. Is it a body builder with well defined muscles or a model-like girl telling you that with such and such diet meal plan you could look just like them? This too is a case of unrealistic expectations, especially for guys.

Mind set is very important when it comes to sticking with your chosen meal plan. Picking a diet which promises realistic results means you won't be disappointed, will be able to keep focus and motivation and continue with your diet to ultimately lose the extra weight.

Lastly, your meal plan needs to be healthy. Healthy- providing all the vitamins and minerals needed, as well as enough calories that your body doesn't starve. I've read recently about a diet plan that suggests just 300 calories a day- that's not a diet plan, that's starving yourself. Don't just rely on what the advertisement tells you, use some common sense, if a diet meal plan doesn't make sense to you, don't use it.

To recoup, healthy meal plan- realistic results, none over hyped advertising and makes sense to you in how it works. For example, Medifast's healthy meal plans fit all the above criteria, and make a good example as to what a good, working diet plan should be like, in both advertisement and promised results.


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