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Summer Weight Loss Secrets

Johnny Moon

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Summer's Here

It's already summer time again. But that doesn't mean it's too late to get in great shape! You can reach your goal of summer weight loss if you use the right plan and stick with it you can lose a significant amount of fat in a short amount of time.

The Right Diet

Don't choose a crazy “starvation diet" that will do your body more harm than good in the long run. Choose a diet that you can stick that will give you the body you desire not only in the short term but in the long term too! Low calorie diets are out because they slow down your metabolism too much and you end up gaining all of that weight back (with interest!)

Low carb diets are out because they are impossible to follow over the long term.

You need a diet that is easy to follow and that allows you the occassional “day off" so that you allow yourself to satisfy the cravings that usually get you off course and so that you keep your metabolism boosted.

The Right Exercise

Cardio is fine but what you really need to make your body look great is strength training. Too many women think that strength training is just for men. And too many men think it's just for men who want to look “huge. " That's not the case. Strength training is an incredibly important part to having a fit body. It's a big key to losing fat fast and to keeping that fat off.

Why is strength training so important? Because each pound of muscle you add to your body will burn an additional 50 calories per day at rest. Compare that to a pound of fat that burns only 2 calories a day. You can imagine how adding a few pounds of muscle can really make it easier to lose weight and to keep it off long term.

The Day Off Diet is perfect for summer weight loss.

It's the right diet (not low calorie, not low carb, and it includes the necessary “day off" to keep your metabolism boosted) and it comes with a free strength training program that is revolutionary in it's approach.

Summer Weight Loss with The Day Off Diet.


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Summer of Weight Loss
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