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Why Cant I Lose Weight? Find Out the Secrets Here


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Many of us who are overweight or obese have struggled with our weight, and asked the question: “Why can't I lose weight?" The answer is a little different for everyone, but in the end, finding it requires an examination of your lifestyle. You have to take a look at yourself and analyze what you're eating, how active you are, and your overall health to find out the best way to remove the pounds. If you've been asking “Why can't I lose weight?", here's some information to help you find out.

1. Check the numbers. Take a hard look at what you eat every day. Write it down if you need to, and be honest. Once you know what you're eating, you can do the math and figure out your caloric intake, versus the amount you burn. Pay attention to how much you exercise, and your current weight. If you're routinely eating more than you burn, even if it doesn't seem like that much, the pounds will continue to pile on. Once you know what you're eating and roughly what you're burning, you can begin to make lifestyle changes to improve the situation.

2. Don't do it all at once. While it's very satisfying to swear we'll change our lives, or to hang all our hopes on a big shift in lifestyle, the fact is that humans are creatures of habit. Changes that are extremely hard to make will also be very hard to stick to. That's why many of us fall back into old habits after a few weeks of a diet or fitness program. If you're having trouble changing your diet for a healthier one or increasing your activity level, take a look at the changes you're asking yourself to make. They might be too much all at once. If you know you'll never get to the gym, settle for a short walk every day. Remember that something is always better than nothing, and it's certainly better than a big change you won't stick to.

3. Keep your goals reasonable. If you're a hundred pounds over your ideal weight, it's tempting to swear you'll lose it all. However, that's a big goal, and it'll take a long time and a lot of discipline to reach it. Instead, use a series of smaller goals, such as ten pound milestones. You'll feel better when you reach them, and you aren't obligated to lose another ten pounds unless you want to and feel like you can. That'll keep you from feeling defeated if things aren't progressing toward a big goal as quickly as you want.

4. Don't go it alone. Online programs or just a friend who also wants to reduce can act as a great support group. They'll help you feel more motivated when you're discouraged, and will probably have tips that can help you.

5. Remember to talk to your doctor. Any weight loss program should be discussed with physician to make sure it's safe. Likewise, if you've been trying to lose weight for years and you can't, there may be other factors at work. Some overweight people have endocrine conditions, like hypothyroidism, that cause significant weight gain and other problems. If you've been struggling for years and wondering: “Why can't I lose weight?", there might be something more at work than just a lack of willpower or organization.

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Weight Loss Secrets - Desperate to Lose Weight Quickly
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