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Are You Losing Belly Fat Or Gaining It? Follow These 2 Tips to Stick to Your Diet


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Losing belly fat is tough. For many people, it's often the first place your body chooses to store fat. And even when you exercise and eat reasonably well, belly fat will stick around. To get rid of it for good, you have to change your habits completely.

This is the only way to a flat, hard, sexy stomach. But let's face it; most people will never achieve this sort of physique. There's always an excuse, a reason why they can't eat healthy tomorrow. Or why they didn't eat healthy yesterday. Eating healthy is mostly in your head. Cravings for bad food are more mental, than physical. Follow these 2 tips to get your mind in the right place for losing belly fat.

(1) Plan Your Meals Planning makes eating healthy real. It makes you more accountable to maintaining a healthy lifestyle if you have to update your eating schedule daily. Also, you'll feel more in control during every meal. Often, an entire diet can be wrecked by one little slip up. Slip-ups make you feel guilty. And feeling guilty often makes us vulnerable to our “comfort foods". Before you go to bed tonight, you should have ALL of tomorrow's meals planned out. You should have the ingredients. Your refrigerator should be stocked. It's best to even make your meals the night before if you know you'll have little time the next day. Does this seem like overkill to you? Well, it might. Losing belly fat requires strict living. Next time you're at the gym and you see someone with a solid midsection, ask them about their eating habits. I guarantee they know exactly when their next meal is and what they're going to eat.

(2) Goal Setting and Motivation This may sound a bit fruity, but you should have a healthy eating goal. Not a future “I want to be 20 lbs. slimmer" goal. But a present-tense goal like “I only eat healthy foods consistent with my diet plan". This is a goal you can achieve everyday and every day you achieve it, you build more confidence in your ability to eat well. How to do it? When you get up in the morning, get a notepad and write your goal statement 10 times. Write it out by hand. Then say it aloud 10 times. Say it with conviction. This creates new neural pathways in your brain, which you'll need if you're going to stick with eating healthy long-term. It's positive self-talk that centers your thinking before the day starts. With these two methods, you'll be better equipped (mentally) for losing belly fat. Now, choosing a diet program is up to you. Avoid the faddy ones that promise quick weight loss-those only work short-term and they teach you nothing. Instead, find one that teaches you to understand eating, how your body processes food, and what makes your body burn fat, not store it.

Z. D. Zimmerman reviews the comprehensive nutrition ebook called Burn the Fat Learn how to work with your metabolism by changing your eating patterns. And see what people on fitness and weight loss forums have posted about this popular losing belly fat lifestyle guide.


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