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Walking to Lose Weight How to Create a Walking Lifestyle


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Let's say that you began walking to lose weight. How can you turn walking into a lifestyle and not just a duty? Most experts agree that permanently keeping the weight off means that you will have to make lifestyle changes. It is not a matter of just making it past a certain point and then going back to your old life. There is no old life. You have to create an enjoyable, new life. So how do you transform your walking into a lifestyle? Here are three suggestions:

1. Start choosing active activities with friends and family.
Take a close look at your gatherings with your friends and family. Do they all center around food? Do you have the typical huge holiday meal followed by sitting around watching television? That is a recipe for disaster.

Instead, incorporate physical activities with those you care about. Rather than meeting friends after work for a drink, meet them at the local park for a walk. Plan a walk around the neighborhood after dessert instead of sitting down at the sofa after the huge family meal. Make fitness a part of socializing.

2. Go Off Road
At least once a week go to a park, hike or walk on a trail. Get off the treadmill. Break away from the route you use day in and day out around your neighborhood. Make your walking to lose weight a part of tangible fitness that you can see. It will also inspire you to keep walking when you realize what you have to gain by keeping up your fitness level.

3. Cross Train
Walking day after day can become boring. Sprinkling in other physical activities such as yoga or bike riding or dancing keeps fitness exciting. Then when it is time to walk you can have it as something that you look forward to doing. Other activities will also give you a chance to work different muscles than walking, reducing the chance for injury.

These are just three suggestions to help you turn your decision of walking to lose weight into an enjoyable part of your life. Getting your family involved, going off road and cross training can help you keep you walking for a long time. And that is what we all want, after all, right?

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