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The 4 Main Reasons Why Its Hard to Lose Weight


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It's both pretty depressing and quite surprising when you consider the facts - 25% of the population is now clinically obese and vast numbers of people attempt to lose each year yet fail miserably. If you've ever wondered why it's hard to lose weight then this article is for you.

In my experience over the last 2 years of losing weight myself and trying to help others do the same there are four main reasons why it's hard to lose weight. Let's take a closer look at each one and try to figure out how to get around them.

1) The Wrong Diet

Different people like different foods and exercises. For some, the Atkins diet where they can eat bacon and eggs to their heart's content is heaven. For others they'll feel ill after just a single meal like that. Some people love to cycle for hour after hour. Others would rather be lifting a few weights or doing some high intensity interval training.

I believe that most popular diets do work for some people, but not for everyone. These days, with so many different diets around your best bet is to get a load of different books together so you can try out different diets for a week each. Low calorie, negative calorie, low fat, high fat, high protein, Atkins, Zone, South Beach, Body For Life and so on. Try them out until you find a diet that's right for you. One that works for you and that you enjoy rather than struggle with.

2) Lack Of Focus

The next factor why it's hard to lose weight is that in order to succeed, you need to focus. Without focus you won't be able to successfully discipline yourself to eat the right foods and do the right exercise.

When you're losing weight, I have found that you need to make it your number one priority in life. It needs to come before your job, before your social life, before everything. All your other responsibilities need to fit around your diet, rather than the other way round, which is how most people do it.

After the first month or so, things should start to get easier as you get into the habit of your new diet and so it will take less effort (and hence focus) to stay on the straight and narrow.

But initially you need to totally prepare yourself. Clear your diet. Make yourself an unbreakable promise that you will succeed and then just go for it no matter what obstacles come up.

3) Cheating

Once you're on a diet and you've managed to lose some weight it's easy to get a little over confident. This is when cheating can come in. You think to yourself that you lose 3lbs last week so it's OK if you miss that gym session or eat that one little cake.

Next thing you know you've actually put on weight that week.

Once you're on a diet and it's working, don't under any circumstances start to make any big changes to it or start to cheat as this can be fatal. And a week or two without losing weight can demotivate most people enough that they give up altogether.

4) Looking At Losses Not Gains

It's too easy on a diet to look at what you're missing out on. Maybe you miss your favourite TV show because you're at the gym. Maybe you miss a dinner out because of your diet. Maybe you have to give up your favourite food for a while. Looking at what you're missing out on can be pretty depressing.

Try instead to focus on what you're gaining. On how much better you look and feel. How you can finally get back into your favourite jeans. How John at the office seems to pay you far more attention now. How that girl on the train complemented you on your figure. As they say in Monty Python - always look on the bright side of life!

More suggestions on diets to try, why not investigate the Atkins diet and the South Beach diet at the following websites: and


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Three Reasons Why You Should Lose Weight
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