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Small Steps to Losing Weight After Pregnancy


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One of the things that really helped me lose weight after pregnancy was to slowly swap out high-calorie foods for lower calorie alternatives. This way, I managed to change my diet gradually, without shocking my body and without creating an unrealistic goal. One of the problems of trying to change your diet or following a diet plan is that usually it is an all or nothing approach. Diets seldom create a plan of changing gradually what you eat which is exactly what you need when you are trying to lose weight after pregnancy.

The result is often that you start off with very good intentions and for the first few weeks, you follow the diet strictly, but then, one of two things happen: Either you suddenly binge and ruin your hard work, or you break the rules, thinking that one day of your old bad habits wont hurt. . . . one day turns into two and two into three and pretty soon, you are back to your old ways. Changing your diet slowly is healthier in the long run, and creates good habits, while not being too stressful (and you want to keep stress to an absolute minimum - I mean you are bringing up a baby as well as trying to lose weight)!

You have to look at this as a long term plan, but set yourself small manageable goals, otherwise that pregnancy weight will never come off. So start by swapping out just one unhealthy snack for a piece of fruit per day. Say you eat some biscuits every day at 4pm with a cup of tea; start by swapping out one of the biscuits for a few grapes or some strawberries. Keep this up for a month, and pretty soon this will be a habit for you. Then tackle the next biscuit. These are tiny, tiny steps, but over the long term, they make a big impact, and will change your habits and your shape for good. Small steps add up eventually and you will be surprised over a year how much of an impact it will have on your health and how much pregnancy weight you will lose!

Tessa is a mother, housewife and works part time in a charity shop. If you want to lose weight after pregnancy , visit my weight loss web page!


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Steps In Losing Weight That You Must Know
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