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Fast Weight Loss Tips 5 Weird Ways to Lose Weight Fast


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If you want to lose weight fast, you have to be dedicated to the goal. Of course, there are a few fast weight loss tips that can make shedding those pounds a little easier. Read on to learn about 5 rather uncommon ways to lose weight fast.

Tip #1: Drink More water

Ice water has been rumored to burn calories, but that's not the only reason to drink more water. Your body needs the right amount of hydration to burn fat efficiently. You should try and drink 8 - 10 8oz glasses of water a day or more if you are active and sweating.

Tip #2: Eat Smaller Meals

We tend to consume more food than we really need at mealtime. For a quick way to cut calories without strict dieting, try serving yourself half portions and no seconds. It takes 20 minutes for your brain to receive the signal that it's full, so overeating is very easy to do. Chewing your food more thoroughly can also help you feel fuller and satisfied with smaller portions.

Tip #3: Add Negative Calorie Foods to Your Diet

Did you know that there are some foods that actually burn more calories to digest than they contain? Fruits and veggies like celery, lettuce, grapefruit, and strawberries are on the list of “negative calorie foods" as well as many more. While you can't expect to live off of these items, they can make for a great guilt free snack.

Tip #4: Take the Stairs

. . Or walk to the store instead of driving. Getting active is a great way to kickstart your metabolism in to high gear. When you are active, your body burns calories more quickly but the effect is lasting. Routine exercise, even if it's just simple things can encourage your metabolism to increase even when you are at rest.

Tip #5: Get Enough Sleep

As unusual as it sounds, there was a recent study that showed a connection between weight problems and sleep. Those who did not get adequate rest (as well as those who overslept) were at higher risk for being overweight. Besides, if you want your body to run in optimal condition you need to provide it with 8 hours a night of quality sleep.

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Quick Weight Loss Tips How to Lose Weight Fast
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