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Lose Weight and Burn Fat Fast The Lose Weight Diet Here is a Sample Weight Loss Diet Plan

David Morrow

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How to lose weight? There is a very simple equation for success. Eat less than you need, put yourself into action, and stay on track with a positive state of mind. Of course, there is a fine line between eating less than you need and eating too little. Your goal is to get the fat burning while keeping a high energy level.

Here is a quick outline of an ideal day:

Step 1: 10 - 15 minutes of walking, stretching, light calisthenics, exercise video, or anything to get you moving.

Step 2: Eat breakfast. Time to get some protein, a little bit of carbs and hopefully some fiber.

Step 3: If the time between breakfast and lunch is greater than 4 hours. . . then a 100 - 200 calorie snack that has some protein should be consumed sometime mid-morning. If less than 4 hours between breakfast and lunch, then skip the snack.

Step 4: Lunch. Focus on lean protein and veggies. Large salads work great. High fiber wraps, no white bread please.

Step 5: Afternoon movement. If all you can do is a 5 - 10 minute fast paced walk or even some stretching, you can keep your metabolism alive. Avoid the afternoon ‘slump’ by energizing yourself.

Step 6: Afternoon snack. 100 - 200 calories, make sure to get some protein.

Step 7: Exercise. The best exercise program should include some cardiovascular work and some resistance training.

Step 8: A ‘fat burning’ dinner. Build your evening meal around lean protein.

Step 9: After dinner leisure ‘digestion stroll’. Relax; take time to get focused with a light walk after dinner. Even if it is some simple marching in place as you watch TV.

Step 10: A very light snack before dinner is good for some, but not all. Judge for yourself what works best for you. But it can't just be ‘anything’. It must be a light healthy snack that is in line with your healthy diet plan. Very important: Get some good sleep. A good night's rest is important to a healthy metabolism and a sound mind.

If you need help on eating and snacking properly, and need tips on how to stay energized, make sure to check out the Blog for Fat Into The Fire There are free videos posted there, recipes, tips, and success stories of people who have been following David P. Morrow's expert advice on diet, fitness, and overall wellness.

Author David P. Morrow has been a great resource of health, fitness and diet information for 20 years.

Just released, “Fat Into The Fire" ‘The simple missing links to maximize metabolism, energy, and yourself" represents all of his personal discoveries of producing a maximized metabolism.

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