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Fast Weight Loss Ideas - How to Lose Body Fat Fast Eating the Same Foods and Not Going to the Gym

Jennifer Jolan

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Here are some fast weight loss ideas on how to lose body fat fast. The best part is, you can even eat the same foods you currently are. . . AND, avoid the gym.

Fast Weight Loss Ideas

1. How to lose body fat fast - Eat a big breakfast and then the rest of the day eat small meals

Science has recently shown that the best weight loss results happen when people eat a big breakfast. But then the rest of their meals are small.

Why does this work?

Well, because your body has all day to burn off those morning calories. Not only that, when you eat a lot early, your body doesn't play "CALORIE CATCH-UP" the rest of the day. What that means is you're less likely to get cravings and eat a lot of junk food snacks that are convenient.

Your body doesn't panic since it already had a lot of calories early.

2. Use protein shakes, 80-calorie or less yogurts, and apples as snacks

Snacking is a great way to lose weight, but most people don't eat the right snacks. Part of that reason goes back to #1. . . not enough calories early in the day. You get cravings in the late morning, afternoon, and at night that you can't stop when you don't eat a big meal early.

So just stick to those 3 snacks listed above and you'll be in good shape. They each have a distinct taste. So if you rotate them, you won't get bored with them.

3. Spin Like a Kid - The 15-second weight loss cure

This is an exotic exercise that's recently become very popular. All you do is spin around. . . like a kid.

One thing though, just spin clockwise and only up until the point where you get a little dizzy. Lets not get carried away. This exercise directly targets your hormones. . . balancing them. Through that, you lose weight.

Nothing fancy, so just spin around and see for yourself. Give it a try, it only takes 15 seconds.

So those are few fast weight loss ideas that'll help you to lose body fat fast without the hassles of dieting, without expensive pills, and WITHOUT going to the gym.

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Jennifer Jolan

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