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Weight Loss Strategies on How to Lose 8 Pounds Without Going on a Stupid Diet

Jennifer Jolan

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Here are some easy to use weight loss strategies on how to lose 8 POUNDS without having to go on a stupid diet. Since we all hate dieting and I'm sure you're too busy to go to the gym all the time, I'll show you some ways to lose weight quickly and without much effort.

Weight Loss Strategies to Lose 8 Pounds

1. Do this 1 thing to improve your diet big time without changing it much at all. . . EAT 3 APPLES EACH DAY.

Listen, I know you're probably sitting there rolling your eyes at what I just said. I understand. It's not some exciting breakthrough weight loss tip. BUT. . . IT WORKS. It's proven. You WILL lose 2 pounds in a month just from this tip alone. Come on, you and I both know I'm not asking much here. Just do it.

2. You need movement to accelerate weight loss, this is the best you can do. . . JUMP ON A MINI-TRAMPOLINE.

I'm going to make this easy for you. You don't have to schedule any workouts at all. Just jump on the trampoline when you get a few minutes here and there. A quick tip. . . I personally do it during tv commercials since I watch more tv than I care to admit to.

You could easily get 20-40 minutes a day doing it this way, without it affecting your busy schedule. For $25, the mini-trampoline is a must have.

3. Do a 15-second cold water rinse after your shower

Brrr. . . it sucks, but it's great for fat burning because your body reacts to the cold water by going into THERMOGENESIS. . . (ie. burns fat for heat). This thermogenesis helps to elevate your fat burning abilities for hours. . . just from a simple 15 seconds rinsing yourself off with cold water.

If you're serious about losing weight, then try out these 3 weight loss strategies to lose 8 pounds and watch for changes in your body within 10 days.

Listen, if you read this article, you're probably unhappy with how your body looks. Don't just read these weight loss strategies and then STOP. You've come too far to not CROSS the finish line.

If you felt this article was helpful to you and are interested in more helpful tips from me, I urge you to accept my free gift to you. . .

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If you're truly serious about losing weight, then go to the link below to get your free report and get inside my website now. Over 12,000 other women have taken me up on my offer to help, why not you?

Jennifer Jolan


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