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How to Lose Water Weight Strategy


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Excess water weight can be a big problem, especially for women. It gives the appearance of the Pillsbury dough boy and takes away from the smoothness of your skin. To get that cover girl body, follow this simple how to strategy and watch the bloating disappear and your skin start to look fresher.

1. Drink more water. One reason that you retain water has to do with you not drinking enough of it to start. Your body is composed mainly of the substance and when you don't get enough your body holds on to it like a sponge. This is because water has many functions in your body such as supplying volume to your blood, maintaining a balance with electrolytes in your cells, regulating body heat and flushing the body of impurities. When you are constantly supplying it with water, your body realizes it doesn't need to store it because it knows that a fresh supply is on its way.

2. Cut back on sodium. Sodium is a magnet for water, which is why athletes take it during sporting events and why it is found in sports drinks. By resisting the urge to shake, you can lose a significant amount of water by subtracting this habit from your eating regimen.

3. Cleanse your body. There are a lot of products that you can take that cleans your colon as well as other organs in your body. When you cleanse, your remove toxins and other waste from your it that likes to hold onto water. Also, cleansing your body doesn't mean having to live in the bathroom. There are plenty of natural and gentle cleansers out there. Just check with your local health food store.

4. Exercise. Exercising it by far the best way to lose water weight. When you exercise, your body heat rises, so your body reacts by sweating to keep you cool. When you sweat you release water as well as salt from your body. In addition you also amp up your metabolism, which also helps you to lose water weight. So you see, exercising is a virtual “how to" on losing water weigh by itself.

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how to lose water weight strategy

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How to Drink Water to Lose Weight
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