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Lose Fat Fasting - How To Lose Weight Fasting


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I guess you know what fasting is all about before embarking to lose weight by fasting. This is not a good idea for someone that can't stay for long without food and it's not a permanent process because when you stop fasting and return to your usual method of eating, you would gain another set of weight again. Losing weight by fasting doesn't mean you won't eat any food from morning to night but if you fast occasionally then you could do these in order to achieve maximum weight loss results. There is a friend of mine whose method of advising people to lose weight is by fasting and it works but a small number of them develop side effects which it's call ulcer. If you dwelt that this method will work, take a second and think about people in Darfur. Have you ever seen any person in Darfur on the television, newspapers or magazines that is very fat or overweight? The reason is simply because they don't have enough to eat and most of them are always slim.

In addition, if you want to lose weight through fasting you should have a plan. Let says if you plan to fast for 3 weeks but not completely starving your stomach without any food, eat once per day. If you usually eat 3 times a day and you want to lose weight by fasting you should start to eat once a day in order to fast for the other remaining meal times. It's necessary to consult your local nutritionist before embarking on a plan like this, it's important to determine whether your body can suit this kind of weight loss plan. I could remember when I was fasting for religious purposes, I didn't taste either food or water from morning till 6pm. When I called off the fast, I was very tired and hungry. Even after eating I was still weak and feeling as if my body wants to develop an illness. These are some factors you are supposed to consider if you plan to fast to lose weight. Meanwhile, when fasting to lose weight avoid oily foods and eat plenty of baked and grilled foods. You can take your usual breakfast in the morning and in the evening you take just fruit.

In conclusion, I must tell you that fasting to lose weight is a good idea if you are used to starvation for a long period of time with consequent drinking of water but if you are desperate to starve yourself in order to lose weight then be sure to have the might to overcome the circumstances. I suggest you eat only once a day, let me say eat midday, that's 12pm daily for 2-3 weeks depending on the one you can stand. If you develop any change in the way your body performs that is disturbing while doing this fast, I suggest you either return to your normal way of eating or consult your doctor, so that this strange force won't get out of hand. While fasting, eat fruits in the morning, eat a special diet you love so much during midday and also eat another set of fruits at night. Fasting is not an easy way of losing weight because you must be bordered by external forces tempting you to eat when you shouldn't eat.

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how to lose weight fasting

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