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Best Kept Weight Loss Abs Secret Revealed!

Stephen Cabral

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Man vs. Machine: How Best to Lose Unwanted Fat

So here it is: Machines don't work - they actually work against you.

I've spent over a decade working and consulting for fitness companies and I can tell you as an “insider" that machine circuits are the favorite selling tool to convince beginners to sign-up. They lead you to believe that they are easy to use and will get you results.

First off, most of the time you don't even know which way to get into one of those massive contraptions and second, they are at least 30% less effective than other forms of exercises.

Closed chain (feet on ground), compound exercises (multi-joint) are head and shoulders better than machine workouts. There's no comparison since machines don't allow you to move how your body was designed to. The great thing about these recommended non-machine workouts is that you can take them anywhere with minimal equipment. I usually just choose a dumbbell based workout or even body weight only exercises.

What about ab machines?

Don't even get me started on ab machines and the infomercials that promote them! Without going into it too much detail, you'd need to do about 25,000 crunches to equal 1lb of weight loss and you'll still never see your abs. To really see your abs you need to shed the fat that is covering them (not make them stronger, but they don't tell you that. . . ).

The fitness models you see on TV have probably never used or heard of those products before being paid to promote them.

So, not only are they ineffective, but most ab machines put you at a high risk for injuring your lower back from too much forward bending without counter-balancing it with any back extension. . . and nobody with a bad back has good looking abs.

You already have everything you need to get your body in great shape. Skip the fancy equipment and stick with what works. Your body will look and feel healthier and be in better shape!

If you need a place to start, check out my free weight loss e-course on “How to Lose Belly Fat Starting Today!" I've reserved a limited number of copies to give away and you can grab yours today at

Committed to your success,

Stephen Cabral
Author of Fatlossity - the Complete, In-Home, Step-by-Step, Weight Loss System

Stephen Cabral is a national health correspondent with over 10 years of credentials. He holds national and international certifications in strength & conditioning, personal training, yoga and nutrition. For more information on his Free Trim, Tone & Tighten Newsletter seen by over 100,000 readers each week go to


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