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Walking Exercises - How to Lose Weight Walking


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Walking can be defined as the usage of the leg to move from place to place. Almost everyone on earth moves with his or her legs on daily basis except when one is under a temporary or permanent illness. Walking is an efficient workout idea for someone that wants to lose weight through a cost-free way, though you won't be able to experience a fast fat burning process unless you opt for an additional fat burning method. It's a long time process of losing weight.

If you plan to focus on walking in order to lose weight, they are some precautions you need to have mind while doing this exercise. They are:
Do not walk for more than 6,000 to 9,000 steps per day, this would cause you to develop plantar fasciits, it's a typical kind of foot pain. You would be able to feel the symptoms after waking up in the morning, that is constant pains on the surface of your foot.

Walking with high-heeled shoes has its side effects. It will shorten your Achilles tendon and cause a constant stress on the ball of your foot. In order to walk with high heels without side-effects, you should walk with the ones that are 1.5 to 2 inches high.

Furthermore, walking exercises requires focus and consistence practice. Below are some walking tips you should try out when doing your workouts.

  • You can walk a maximum of 10,000 steps per day with customized sandals which has arch supports, that way you won't be able to experience foot aches.
  • You can choose to walk to see a friend rather than talking it out with him on the phone.
  • Use your pedometer to know the number of steps you walk per day.
  • When you are watching the TV and the broadcasters switch to advertisement, hop over anything you can find on the floor until they are back with your main show.
  • Walk up the stairs instead of using the lifter.
  • Jump rope across the parking lots.
  • Walk backwards, forward and sideways.
  • Carry a load wheelbarrow from place to place.
  • Wear ankle weights around the house.

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