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What Is The Best Way to Lose Weight?


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Summer is coming. Do you need to lose some extra fat to look slimmer and sexier? Thinking what is the best way to lose weight? Spring is the best time for weight loss diets and cleansing diets. So this is the right time.

As long as Americans have had fat, it seems, there have been shortcuts sought to eliminate it. Here is an abridged history of how some people have trimmed down - or tried.


The operation was first done in the 1960s and entails creating a smaller stomach with a series of staples. The new small stomach is connected to the upper portion of the small intestine, bypassing the remaining part of the stomach and some of the small intestine.


This reversible procedure involves placing a silicone band around the upper stomach, creating a small pool and a restricted pouch to the lower stomach. In 2001, the so-called “lap band" was approved by the Federal Drug Administration for adults only.


A surgical procedure that vacuums fat deposits from under the skin and suctions them out. While the F. D. A. regulates the sale of the equipment and drugs used during liposuction, it does not regulate the procedure itself.


A noninvasive treatment typically performed in a medical office or spa that claims to temporarily reduce the appearance of cellulite. A practitioner gently kneads the skin with an electronic massager. Eight 30-minute treatments are recommended. The F. D. A. cleared Lipomassage for marketing in 1998.


The vibrating bands, which were introduced decades ago, can be worn around the waist, thighs and calves, and can make you sweat up a storm (causing you to lose water weight, which will return as soon as you rehydrate).


Can help you achieve instant to long term weightloss. Many diet pills today claim to be the best and the most effective diet pills available. With the many products to choose from, it is really difficult to find the right pill that will work for you. The best ones should always be natural, medically endorsed by leading experts and be clinically proven.

Although the best way to lose weight and stay fit is eating right and regular exercise, people still needs something that will keep them motivated. Diet pills give you that motivation. It is one of the products that give visible results in a shorter span of time. It can also boost the results of most fitness plan.

- Help reduce excess body weight

- Bind fat intake

- Helps reduce food cravings

- Help to reduce cholesterol levels

So what would be the best way to lose weight for you?

Source: The New York Times

Karel Micek is considered an expert author in the fields of dieting, nutrition, and pro-active healthy living.


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Lose Weight Quickly How to Lose Weight Extremely Fast in a Healthy Way
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