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Workouts to Lose Weight - Drop 10 Pounds in 20 Days


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In this article we are going to take a quick look at incorporating a powerful but hugely important wrinkle into your dietary regimen: Simple but expeditious workouts to lose weight, and make it melt fast! So if you are one of the many who is looking for the perfect companion to your new diet, and are ready to shift gears a bit (no pun intended) conversationally, read on as we explore. . .

Let me first say this: Gone are the day that exercise was a tedious, time consuming chore to be performed on high school bleachers, and old dusky gymnasiums with rooms filled with spandex wearing prim donnas only interested in the show. Today, exercise is fun, fantastically easy and entertaining, and dare I say, incredibly sexy and effective as well!

Cardiovascular exercise is the quickest way that I know to accentuate and accelerate your new diet. Burning calories by simply getting your body moving is tremendously effective, cleansing and mighty therapeutic in other ways as well. If you are up to it, and are unable to make it to the gym, I recommend any number of the home DVD workouts. Ever try the Billy Blanks series of Tae Bo workouts? They are tremendous! If you are able to incorporate the resistance bands into your workout, it's tough. . . . . but worth it as your arms, legs, chest and shoulders will be sculpted like NEVER before in no time!

How about Yoga? You would be AMAZED at how quickly you can mend your mind, body and spirit through an intense daily Yoga session. Try “Hot Yoga" to turbo charge your fat burning and sweat out all of the knots, stress and mushy spots in a hurry. Truly a transformative practice for the 21st century!

And don't forget about weights either! Studies have shown over and over again that weightlifting can literally turn back the biological clock, and in concert with your fantastically fun and fit dietary regimen, you are looking at a phenomenal NEW you in no time flat. And that is sexy. . .

Read On to Discover the 6 Biggest Lies About Weight Loss . . . . . and how to avoid them like the plague!

(Not knowing them MAY be KEEPING you heavy. . . . . watch the weight melt away like magic once you do!)


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Easy Ways to Lose Weight - Drop a Jean Size in 10 Days Exercising Just 10 ..
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