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How To Lose Fat Fast - The Cutting Calories Myth

Steve Phipps

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If you want to know how to lose fat fast without feeling simply miserable like you do on most fad diets then you might want to stay away from the cutting calories programs. There is no doubt that you can lose some weight relatively quickly by cutting calories but very soon into the program you are going to find a couple of things.

As mentioned cutting calories is a short term answer to how to lose fat fat but the first couple days hot and you begin to maybe skip a couple meals in your efforts or reduce your carbs. Very soon you are going to realize that you are on a plan that is going to make you hungry pretty much all of the time. On top of that you are probably going to feel run down because in cutting carbs or calories you are robbing your body of necessary fuel.

You will no doubt begin to lose fat but very soon into the program your metabolism is going to adjust to the new calorie intake and only burn what you are eating. As you should know by know the key to how to lose fat fast and keep it off is to find a way to keep your metabolism burning fat at a consistently high rate. Cutting calories does not work long term because your new plan is going to tell you simply to eat a certain amount of calories and your metabolism auto adjusts to the food you eat.

Keeping your metabolism guessing and forcing it to keep burning at a high rate is the only way to lose weight quickly and most importantly keep it off. There is nothing more frustrating than putting in the work to lose weight only to put it back on again. We hate that but the weight loss industry loves it. This is what makes it a billion dollar industry.

Shifting the foods you eat on a consistent basis and implementing a diet plan that works because you are not hungry and tired is the only truly effective way to change the weight loss and gain cycle. We know this yet we keep chasing the fads and dreams of how to lose fat fast.

If you would like some information about how to lose fat fast that truly works by keeping you feeling full, not skipping meals, taking, pills or buying prepared meals you can check out my blog at:


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Easy and Fast Weight Loss - Do Calories to Lose Weight Actually Matter?
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