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What Foods Burn Fat - Give Me Some Chicken, Just Not Deep Fried!

Roger Ruzzier

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So, what other foods burn fat? You will be surprised at the variety of foods that aid to burn fat. When we talk about food, it can be split up into 3 nutrient groups - Carbohydrates, Proteins and Fat. For the purpose of this article and to keep you interested I will just name a few of the foods within the PROTEIN nutrient group that are a MUST to be eaten when it comes to knowing what burns fat and building lean muscle.

Give me another chicken breast please! Now let me give you a quick run down on Protein, and why its needs to be vital part of our fat burning systems. All of our bodies muscles, organs and glands are basically made up of protein (except two parts). Now, protein is made up of a chain of amino acids, around 22 of them. The body can create around 13 of these amino acids by itself. Guess where the other 9 have to come from. Yes, you guessed it, food.

So is that not enough reason to start topping up on your protein reserves. So what protein sources are good ones to start scoffing down in moderation.

Lean meat, such as chicken breasts, turkey breasts are the best options. Then lean pork, lean beef (sirloin cuts), any fish, and dairy are also great options. Remember to try and also get the low fat options of these, so if you go for chicken, without the skin please. Same goes for beef, no point getting a nice big fatty chop to suckle on, because you will also be getting a nice serving of saturated animal fat to clog that most important muscle. . . the heart.

Make it a low fat latte thanks (minimal sugar, if any). f you go for dairy, a small pot of low fat yogurt will do just fine. Don't forget low fat cheese - a sprinkle is great on anything. Low fat milk, not 0% fat , just skimmed 2% will do just fine.

Are you Nuts! Yes another good natural protein source is a handful of nuts. Almonds, walnuts and Brazil nuts are the best, but keep it to two portions per day, due to their fat content.

When it comes to portions, think about the size of you palm. Liquids, no more than a cup for each meal. Try and get at minimum 3 to 5 portions of protein a day and you should be well on your way to stocking the furnace and knowing what burns fat and builds lean muscle (which burns even more fat) - before you are tempted to stick another fried chicken bucket down the gob.

So are you sick of being confused? Then visit Body Power Build - Guides for no nonsense tips, tools, and advice on body building for anyone and everyone.

Remember, Its not just for body builders. Yes, even those who would like to lose weight, or should we call it. . . FAT! Is it time to take action?



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Fried Chicken, Mashed Potatoes and Green Peas
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