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The Best Way to Lose After Pregnancy Weight - Carb Diet For Loss After Pregnancy!

Ivonna Boss

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As a new mom, you do not want to feel miserable so make sure you avoid starving diets! We all know that the best way to lose after pregnancy weight is to eat healthy and exercise, but of course if that does not work there is a diet that can help you.

Before I continue I have to admit that at first I did the starving diets before I learned what I am about to tell you. The problem with any starving diet is that you mess up your metabolism and since that is the engine our body runs on, we really should not play with it. Since I made the mistake, I hope I can save you from it too.

You see, what happens is when you go on a starving diet you lose weight quickly because your metabolism is used to burning more calories and you are putting in a lot less than that. So initial diet does the deed. But the problem is after you stop the diet you gain the weight back because now your metabolism thinks it needs to burn only the low amount of calories, and you are back to your regular eating so you are automatically gaining the extra pounds back.

Let me try to explain in numbers. If you are on average consuming 2000 calories a day and you cut your food intake to 1000 your metabolism is used to burning 2000 and you originally lose the weight, but as the time goes on, you lose less and less weight because your metabolism is burning less calories! Lets say 30 days into your diet, you lose all the weight you wanted and you go back to regular eating schedule. That is when the problem happens. Your metabolism is stuck in the mode of burning 1000 calories and you are putting 2000 back into your body. By the time it catches with you, you will gain all the weight back and maybe even few extra. So all your hard work for nothing!

To avoid this problem and to avoid messing with your metabolism you need to learn how to burn more calories while you continue to eat and not starve yourself.

By accident I came across the carb rotation diet and it was just perfect for me to learn which food to eat to speed up my metabolism. For example, apple does not have any fat. It has around 60 calories per apple, but it has ingredients in it that help speed up your metabolism.

Finding the best diet to lose after pregnancy weight was hard, but with carb rotation diet it was easy!


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Weight Gain During Pregnancy, And Weight Loss After Pregnancy
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