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Abs Training Programs Don't Work Unless You Know The Truth


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Abs training programs don't work unless you make sure they are balanced - which consists of an equal amount of pushing and pulling movements, paired with compound lower body movements, with a string focus on total body development.

None of us want to continue to suffer rabbit food diets that cause hinger, time consuming routines that cause us stress and friction on our relationships and personal lives, lack of motivation and goals, mood-swings and being mocked and being hurled abuse at when we visit the beach or even go to the local shop. . .

For balanced training, you need to incorporate horizontal and vertical push movements as well as horizontal and vertical pulling movements. A common example of vertical pushing might be dumbbell presses.

Other vertical pulling exercises would involve pulldowns, chin-ups or pull-ups. Horizontal pushing would be bench presses with barbell or dumbbells and horizontal pulling movements would be rows with dumbbells or barbell.

Below is an good example of a balanced abs training program:

Day One:

Bench Press 2 x 6-12

Rows 2 x 6-12

Squats 1 x 12-20

Ab Work 2 x 12-25

Day Two:

Overhead Press 2 x 6-12

Chin-ups or Pulldowns 2 x 6-12

Deadlifts 1 x 12-20

Ab Work 2 x 12-25

Other things to consider are horizontal movements on day one and vertical movements on day two. This will further increase your metabolism and increase overall weight loss.

Also, this routine means that you can do whatever set and rep range you want. So feel free to experiment to find a rep routine that suits you, particularly if you're a beginner.

Please remember however, that one routine will olny take you so far, and in order to get those sexy six pack abs you still dream of, you need a full program that is specifically tailored to the scientific method of abdominal weight loss and ultimately achieving glamorous six pack abs.

You see, time is the biggest problem for those of us trying to lose belly fat, so it makes perfect sense to not only use it effectively when trying to obtain a washboard stomach and build great abs, but to actually save ourselves from the stresses and strains of working ourselves to oblivion trying to get them.

The secret is through professional guidance, but as we all know this usually comes at a high cost. Personal trainers are rich people!

But what if there was another way, that you could start using as soon as today. . . a well established, highly acclaimed method that is worldwide renowned and can 100% guarantee that you save your sweat and tears, hard earned cash and social life. . .

To discover over 27 more abdominal fat loss and metabolism-boosting secrets, go to Truth About Abs Review to download a FREE report revealing the strategies of the super-lean.

Ab belts, ab-rockers, ab-loungers, and other infomercial ab-gimmicks. . . they're all a complete waste of your time and money. In my exclusive review of Mike Geary's book, The Truth About Six Pack Abs, you will discover that YOU CAN get your own sexy six pack abs , but only if you know this one secret. . . find out more here: Truth About Abs Review This ground breaking system is 100% guaranteed to deliver your six pack abs the easy way.


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