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Tips on How to Increase Your Metabolism


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Metabolism at its most basic level is the process your body uses to burn the food energy you have provided for it. It's been a big misconception that your metabolism is simply the efficiency at which your body can use food. It is simply refers to the conversion of food to usable energy by the body.

The most important factor of it working right is lean body mass. Right now, the greatest results in raising our metabolism come from exercise and building our muscle mass, while reducing our body fat. For example taking in less calories while expending more.

The extra muscles that we work helps increase it, each movement requires more recruitment of muscle cells to move the mass even if the extra weight is stored fat it still takes more effort to move. We have all seen the ads for products that increase it and promise miraculous weight loss. From these, and a few hundred other situations, you have figured out that metabolism has something to do with weight loss, and maybe weight gain, but do you really know what the relationship is, how one affects the other, and what you can do about it?

Close study of losing pounds throughout the past decades has proven to us that eating a small number of large meals daily will lower your fat burning rate. Combine your dieting with moderate exercise because this will boost it and get it working again. The results will continue not only during the workout but will continue for a period of time after you've stop.

Couple more tips.

1. Make sure your ratio is correct. If you eat 2000 calories a day make sure you burn 2500 calories with exercise.

2. Eat less more frequently to increase your fat burning rate. We're talking 5 meals instead of 2 or 3. But with a lot smaller portions. (This starts your metabolism working and gets it come out of storage mode)

3. Incorporate some muscle workouts into your plan. Working out your muscles is what starts the fat burning because muscle burns fat. Balance this with some cardio. Go for a walk and then use a couple dumbbells at home to work your muscle.

Simpler is better.

Mike Dejona is the expert when it come to weight loss and increasing metabolism and has posted more free articles and tips at


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Increase your Metabolism through Exercise
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