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Hoodia Weight Loss - The Complete Guide To Permanent Weight Loss With Hoodia


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A Hoodia weight loss frenzy has taken over the world since it appeared on 60 Minutes and other widely publicized and highly regarded media shows. Here I will explain how permanent weight loss is possible with these products.

The Sans Bushmen in Africa have been using the cactus plant for centuries to help them control hunger and thirst pains while going on long hunting trips. However, eventually their little secret came out and it was soon leaked to the world.

The truth is that this cactus plant is only cultivated in South Africa. Phytopharm holds the license for the molecule contained in the plant, however, it does not have the license for the entire plant.

As a result of the publicity related to this plant there have been a huge number of products released into the market place. These include Gordonii plus, Chaser, Balance, Dex L10, pills, patches, chewing gum and even lollypops, just to name a few.

Unfortunately this has also meant that there have been some cheap and very ineffective imitations manufactured also and that is why buyers must be very wary when buying any of these products.

Here is what you MUST look out for when researching these products:

1. Genuine products, whether it be a pill, patch or liquid extract must have a certificate of authenticity.

2. The product must be harvested from the Kalahari desert as that is where it has originated and that is where it is cultivated.

3. The appetite suppressing qualities of the plant are contained in the stem and that is the ONLY part of the cactus that you need and that is beneficial for weight loss. Some products claim they contain 100 percent of the entire plant but that may not include the stem at all. For this reason make sure that it is manufactured from the stem or core.

4. The only plant that has the appetite suppressing qualities is the Gordonii plant. No other hoodia plant contains the ability to suppress your appetite and is, in effect, useless and a waste of money.

It is important when you are choosing the best Hoodia weight loss product for you that you know the product is genuine and the best quality.

Visit the website below where I put these products to the test. The results will surprise you.

Copyright 2007. Is Hoodia weight loss really that simple? It is if you know which Hoodia cactus plant products to buy and which ones to avoid at all costs. Not all Hoodia products are the same. I have conducted an honest review of all Hoodia weight loss products which claim to give almost miraculous weight loss results for dieters worldwide. My Hoodia weight loss review reveals the truth about Hoodia products…and the truth may shock you. Read my Hoodia weight loss review now at before you buy any Hoodia weight loss product or you could be sorry!


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Hoodia Gordonii - Is It Really Best for Weight Loss?
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