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Want To Reduce That Belly Fat? Ask Tiger Woods!


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Ok, I know what you're thinking - ‘what on earth has Tiger Woods go to do with losing belly fat?’ Good question!

I must start off by suggesting that you don't actually go up to Tiger at a tournament and ask him for advice about your belly fat, you may very well get arrested, but here, in my roundabout way, is why you should be studying the man for a fantastic belly fat tip.

Its nothing to do with any fitness regime he may have. Yes, all top golfers are supremely fit, more so than in days gone by, due to the ever increasing distances they whack that little ball, and the extra physical stress that brings.

No, I want you to think about Tiger's attitude to his game. . . If you asked him what the most important part of his game was, what would he say?
Somebody call 911? (ok, sorry done that already)
Is it my putting?
Is it my driving from the tee?
Is it my bunker shot?

I'll tell you - he'd say there isn't one single most important part, it's a game of components. Ah HA! So how does this relate to belly fat?

Well, the area of fat around the belly is the hardest to get rid of, and it is virtually impossible to focus on losing fat in that area alone. To lose belly fat effectively and in a way that will last, you need to introduce a whole regime change, involving the food you eat, and the exercise you take. That may not sound as attractive as some of the fancy adverts for pills or gadgets, but it happens to be true.

If Tiger Woods had the best putting stroke ever known to man, it would not be worth anything if took 6 shots every time to get to the green. If he had the best tee shots, they wouldn't be that effective if he then took 6 puts on every hole.

See the tandem point with your belly fat? Work the whole body, and your belly fat will disappear as part of the process, not the end result in itself.

Patricia is a health focused content author. For more tips on how to Reduce Belly Fat Quickly visit Patricia's site Flatten Your Belly, Lose Those Thunder Thighs & Get Perfect Six Pack Abs Quickly and pick up several free how to guides on reducing stubborn belly fat the best way.


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