Weight Loss 40 Is It About Weight Loss Or Age?


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Weight Loss 40 is it about weight loss or Age? Yes it is both, as we get older it is harder to keep that youthful shape. The foods we could eat at 20 now at 40 are adding to a fatter you. The exercise that would burn off those calories at 20 doesn't work at 40. Why?

The foods we ate at 20 now at 40 are now making a bigger you. :-) Work, marriage, kids, for most of us changes our active level drastically. At 20 you had no one counting on you, so you time was your own. Work was something you did to support your social life. Working out was something you did to keep that social life. At 40 if married with kids work is what you do to support them. Working out is keeping up with the kids and having a social life with your better half. At 20 your youth and lifestyle burn those calories off. At 40 getting older and very little active lifestyle doesn't burn calories enough. This allows you to put on the pounds.

The human body is always changing. It will adapt to your daily workout making it not as effective. So you have to change it up so you don't reach the dreaded plateau. The Plateau is where your workout routine becomes ineffective at conditioning your body. Using strength training one day and cardio the next keep your muscles adjusting to your workouts. In return you will continue to get a more effective workout.

A final breakdown of Weight Loss 40 is we can’t act like 20 when your 40. We have to make adjustments to the way our bodies change. When the food intake stays the same and our workouts slows down or stops. You will have more of you a round. :-0

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