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Look Again On Weight Loss Tips


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If you feel that you gained excess weight lately do not despair. Let’s remind ourselves about some rules that can help us to solve the problem, to get rid of excess weight. Follow some of them not as usual “from Monday” but right now and less than one month later great step to health and slim beautiful figure will be done.

Rule 1

Drink glass of water before meal especially before dinner party. Water will decrease your appetite and help you to control meal quantity.


Eat wisely but not as less as possible. Hunger is not a way to get rid of excess weight. Reaction on lack of calories will be fat gaining and slow metabolism.


Try fractional nutrition (5-6 times a day in equal intervals). It can reduce your appetite and maintain stable sugar level in blood.


Keep food diary. It will help you to analyze your habits and estimate your day food precisely.


Not fat soup. It can give you feel of satiety with few calories received.

Rule 6

Try not to have a snack if not with fresh fruits and vegetables. It is not as inoffensive as it seems. Small portions may have plenty of calories. Glass of peanuts has 840 kilo calories and 68gr (a bit more than 2oz) of fat for example.

Rule 7

Don’t be upset if you get rid of excess weight slowly. Concentrate on positive changes in your health during this time. Understanding that you feel yourself better on this way you will not give it up. You lost only 4kg (9lb) instead of 7kg. (~16lb) No problem you are on the right way!

Rule 8

If you eat at home take not big plates. People are often satisfied with smaller portions if they are on not big plates.

Rule 9

If you are a sweet tooth try to eat sweet fruits. But have one peach or banana not five at once.

Rule 10

Kitchen scales help you to know weight of portions. Try that portion of meat or fish will be not more than 100gr (3.5 oz).

Rule 11

If you hate to do exercises try other ways to increase your physical activity. Go upstairs (using no elevator). 5 minutes of this activity burn 50 calories.

Rule 12

Calculate calories in food you ate. If you received excess calories compensate them with physical exercises. 2 buns require 20 active minutes in gymnasium to “burn” them.

Rule 13

After dinner at home do not place yourself in front of TV and get dessert or new portion of sandwiches. Have a nice evening walk with your partner. If you make it as your tradition you will make a great blow on overweight.

Rule 14

Try not to eat all dishes but taste if you are invited for a dinner. If not than physical exercises or fasting day after that are for you.

Rule 15

Try not to bring delicacy home. You will eat all in any case. If your children want an ice cream then take them to tea-room and have a cup of coffee for yourself.

Be healthy,


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Nataly Orlova is a recognized authority on the subject of overweight and obesity problems. Her articles published in provides a wealth of information on everything you'll ever need to know about overweight, obesity and other health problems.

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Weight Loss Tips For Women - Immediate Weight Loss Tactics
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