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Is Belly Fat Dangerous?

Robert William Locke

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First the bad news ! Belly fat is “metabolically active" and could possibly increase colon cancer risk by raising levels of certain hormones that affect cell growth, including the growth of cancer cells. Belly fat is incredibly common and it is not unlikely to see that even slim people have a tummy that they would gladly get rid of. Belly fat is one of the easiest to gain- one big dinner before going to bed is enough to gain belly fat. Getting rid of this fat is most frequently asked question by women and men and of course they want the fastest and quickest way to lose it. This type of fat is classified as visceral fat; that means it is located behind your abdominal wall and surrounds your internal organs. It is moreover the most dangerous fat on the body compared to upper arm fat, and fat stored in the hips and thighs. Belly fat is easier to carry and thus fat is difficult to lose because it is the body's stored extra energy, and years of evolution have trained the human body to be reluctant to let go of its emergency source of energy. Belly fat is more dangerous for health than overall weight gain in any age, especially in children. You may think belly fat is limited to the stuff out front that you can grab with your hand — but it's the fat you can't see that's really a cause for concern. . Is diet the answer?

However, no matter what your body structure is, the first step in losing belly fat is to decrease the amount of food and especially sugar. Another dieting trick that is especially important for losing belly fat is to eat small portions but frequently. The most important way to lose abdominal or belly fat is to ensure you have a diet that provides a negative calorie intake. The American College of Sports Medicine agrees - the best way to achieve a “six pack" of abs is to focus more on lowering total body fat through aerobic exercise and diet. I have the hardest time maintaining an exercise and diet routine and to really make these a part of my life. Changing your habits can be tough, so look for ways to kick-start a new diet and exercise routine. As it turns out, visceral fat responds well to a regular exercise routine and a healthy diet. Eat a diet rich in vegetables and fruits. These dual diet tips will take your workouts from solo to steamy in no time.


Exercise at least 30 minutes a days. Exercise has benefits above and beyond what you can do just through diet. Exercise is not only a stress reliever, it builds muscle, gets rid of fat and helps tone your body. Health experts say consistent, moderate exercise by itself appears to help the body rid itself of vast amounts of deep abdominal fat - even when your scale doesn't register a loss. If you're at a good weight, but still have trouble losing that belly fat, make sure you're doing the right kind of exercise. Ab exercises are most effective when tailored to your individual needs. I find it extremely difficult to plan meals and especially exercise. Finally, even with your demanding schedule, it's important to exercise regularly and get adequate rest if you want to lose weight. The good news is that walking is considered an aerobic exercise. Other good news is that a few lifestyle changes and some targeted abdominal exercises can help you battle your belly bulge. Another key to getting rid of belly fat is intensity, if you are working out and you are not sweating and breathing hard then you need to push yourself harder.

What next ?

As we know, losing belly fat is way more difficult than just losing couple of pounds. Even though losing belly fat is pretty challenging there is nothing impossible today to achieve. The surgical way to get rid of belly fat isn't a realistic way to lose weight. The results will not last very long if there is no change in your lifestyle . Time to investigate the link below and discover some more secrets!

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