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Appetite versus Diet -A Tough Battle


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Our bodies are complicated machines, not unlike an automobile. The way that we treat it, is the way it will perform. Feed it high grade nutrition and it runs well. Feed it low grade and it will sputter and stall, and you will have trouble starting it again.

Most of the operation of the body is done automatically. You don not have to think about it. Just put it in drive and let it run. While in drive, the autonomic nervous system is in control of most of the operation. The nervous system, the cardiovascular system, the respiratory system, and the endocrine or hormonal system all run smoothly, until the driver (you) disturbs it with emotion or activity. and, even then it adjusts to the circumstances.

Two bodily functions operate outside the normal, automatic, operation. Sex drive and appetite consume much of our daily time. Though, they may affect the nervous, cardiovascular, respiratory, and endocrine systems, they are for us to control. Sex and appetite are driving forces in our bodies. They produce cravings, and sometimes overpowering desires. Appetite and sex drive are present in us for two important reasons. They are necessary for survival of the individual and survival of the species.

Either one of these can spiral out of control. You are the driver of this human automobile. You must control thee urges. The body does not automatically turn of these cravings or desires. This is the first thing you must realize about a diet. You must control the cravings, the same ones that were needed by our ancestors and still needed by poorer nations in the world today, to keep the species growing.

Appetite is a strong urge to overcome. We exist today, because our ancestors got fat during the good times , so they could survive harsh winters or droughts. Today, in our modern American culture, food is plentiful. Food can be bought with little money, although the less expensive food is generally, of a poorer quality. Again, you are the driver. You decide when to stop or go. You decide where or when to turn.

There is no magic pill to make your body lose weight. If you are not committed to a diet plan, you will not succeed. There have been diet aids, in pill form, to help you over the years. In the 1960's and 1970's amphetamines were given out rather freely by the medical community. These worked well for many people. But amphetamines had the risk of being habit forming or even addicting in some cases. Strict control by the DEA ( Drug Enforcement Agency ) changed the ease of distribution of amphetamines. Then a new generation of diet pills were marketed by pharmaceutical companies. They were less effective and less addicting.

Around the same time, the herbal industry was experimenting with herbs and combinations of herbs for appetite suppression. The main ingredient in the formulas was ephedrine, in one form or another. Again, government regulations put a stop to the use of this ingredient a few year ago. There has been many new herbal blends, developed over the last couple of years, to help suppress appetite. Perhaps, the most effective ingredient to have come out of these discoveries is Hoodia gordonii . It comes from a a cactus in southern Africa. Studies show that it actually curbs appetite and has not shown any serious side effects to date.

What you need to do first, is get your head right. Decide what you want to do and when you want to do it, as far as diet goes. Develop a healthy eating plan. It should be a well balanced diet. It should contain foods that you enjoy eating, and foods you continue to eat for a long period of time. There are healthy, tasty, healthy meals that you can have delivered to your door, at a reasonable cost. You may want to add a herbal , like hoodia gordonii to aid you in your diet. Most importantly work out your diet plan before starting. Decide when you are going to do it, then do it. Adding an exercise regimen to your diet program would be a good idea.

Written by John Markus at John had been a pharmacist for 33 years. His wife has type I diabetes. Also, his eight year old granddaughter has diabetes. He and his family have been dealing with these type of problems for a long time. Tough at times, but successfully in end. John has also been studying exercise and nutrition and their effects on the human body.


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Diet Versus Exercise in Weight Loss
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