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6 Tips To Healthy Dieting


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With so much hype and so many different types of diets available, there is no lack of choices for all dieters. However, there are just as many dieters who tried diet after diet and never getting the results that they want. Most people just want to lose their weight fast and hence often adopt less than healthy diets or even starvation in order to reach their weight loss goal. Most often than not, they end up losing the weight really fast initially and then only to gain back more weight doubly fast!

What they failed to realized is that to successfully lose weight and to maintain, what they really need to change is their mindset and their lifestyle by including healthy dieting and regular exercise. This is the real secret to effective and permanent weight loss!

Healthy dieting involves losing weight over a period of time and the best part is that you need to starve! Nutritious food including a balance of proteins, carbohydrates, some fats, fruits and vegetables are taken in suitable portions in the diet. Bad or foodstuff high in fats and sugars should be eliminated as much as possible from the diet.

6 tips to healthy dieting to get you started :

1. Drink water instead of other drinks. Drinks like soda are often high in sugars and should be avoided. If water is too bland for you. You can try green tea instead ( without the milk and sugar please! )

2. Replace desserts with sweet juicy fruits. This is one big calorie saver! Cut down on your jellos, puddings, cakes and the likes with fresh fruits instead. Not only are fresh fruits delicious, they provide you with a blast of vitamins and fibers that are superb for your health.

3. Eat smaller portions of meals. Start to cut down on the portion of food you are eating. You can start small by just eating 10% less of everything. Eating less 10% every meal may not sound like a lot but after 10 days, you would have eaten 100% less of whatever you usually eat!

4. If you have a sweet tooth, try to replace the sugars in your beverages and food with sugar replacement. If you are out with friends, instead of taking on the entire dessert by yourself, share the dessert with friends!

5. Eat only when you are hungry. Always think before you eat. If you are just feeling bored, then do not eat but find something else to keep you occupied!

6. When you go grocery shopping, always make a shopping list beforehand. Go to the shop and focus only on getting the food you need on the shopping list. This saves you from buying junk food impulsively and more money in your pocket at the end of the day.

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