Losing Belly Fat For Good


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We've all heard about this public enemy number one and we've all had our own personal battles with it. Belly fat, and the extra weight that usually goes along with it, have daunted us in innumerable ways that we shudder to even think about. To lose this middle bulge and ultimately win the battle, many doctors and dieticians would advise us to eat a well-balanced diet, exercise regulary, and get enough rest to allow our body to perform its functions efficiently.

The countless diets that we hear everyday - from the low calorie to the no carb to the high protein - cannot help but make us feel confused as what we really need to do to lose those unwanted fats for good. Choosing which diet to follow and at the same time trying to figure our if its a hoax is just quite as difficult.

This all makes us think that getting rid of belly fat is an insurmountable task, discouraging us in the process. But really, some simple steps, when taken religiously will help us achieve a flab-free middle. We don't have to Read on and start losing those flabs!

1. Water, water, water

You've heard it before but it still rings true. Drinking 8-10 glasses of water each day will help your metabolism (making you burn more calories) and will clear up your skin. Talk about a wonder beverage!

2. Eat in the morning

You don't have to eat a full meal right right after you wake up. What is important is that you eat something i. e bread, cereal, a piece of fruit, a hour or two after you wake up to help jumpstart your metabolism

3. Fruits please!

These healthy snack alternatives give you the sugar (plus vitamins!) you crave for without the extra calories. Apple is a nice choice as it is packed with pectin and will make you feel full longer. Or if you're feeling extra tired, reach for a banana and ignore the cookie. Its high potassium content will boost your energy in no time.

4. Move it

Make it a point to keep your body moving. A good example is to park your car further than you usually do. This will give you the opportunity to walk a bit more everyday. You can also offer to do the groceries in your house. Moving along those aisles while pushing a full cart is a sure exercise wonder. Another is to do your own car wash. So bring in the soap and bucket and start scrubbing.

5. Snack away

Eating several times a day actually helps your metabolism in burning more calories than loading them all up in a single meal. This also eliminates the danger of over-eating later on.

6. Hold that salt!

Limiting your salt intake can actually help you lose belly fat because salt holds water. Ergo, you lose the salt and you help lose the water weight (along with the bloaty feeling)

7. Eat before you shop

Making sure that you're full before you do the groceries will keep you free from the danger of buying high-calorie high-sugar goodies that usually pile on the calories without any real nutrition.

8. Try the tea

Green tea, that is. This wonder drink promises to help speed up your metabolism, clear your skin, and ease up bowel movement.

Try these simple tips and soon you're on your way to a slimmer tummy and a healthier lifestyle!

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The Biggest Lie About Losing Belly Fat
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