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At some point in their fitness life, many people find it harder and harder to get motivated for that next jog, yoga class, or weight training session. For people carrying extra weight it can be even more difficult to stay enthusiastic when muscles are burning and it seems like the pounds just are not coming off fast enough. Don’t sabotage your fitness goals by keeping to yourself. A great way to inject that next workout with some enthusiasm is to find a workout partner. Working out with a partner has many benefits and studies have shown that people who work out with someone regularly are more likely to stick to their fitness plan over the long haul.

Exercising alone for many people…is well, boring. If you’d rather have teeth pulled than jog on the treadmill one more time, it’s time to make that workout fun with good conversation, some laughs, or some new activity ideas. Bring along a buddy and chat away. You might even find that you have worked out longer than you had planned. Try taking turns planning the workouts for the week. Challenge each other to keep it interesting. Go somewhere new or try that new class you’ve been hearing about.

Keeping a workout date with a partner can be a great motivator. Knowing that someone else is counting on you to be there can help you get out of bed, or keep you off the couch. A good partner can remind you of your fitness goals and encourage you on those days when it is a struggle to get going. Make a commitment not to cancel on each other and stick to it. Motivate each other by giving one another small gifts when you reach a goal, and call each other in between times to get pumped up for the next workout.

Multitasking is one of those words that should stay at the office, but with the busy lives most of us lead, it can be hard to fit everything we should do or want to do into our weeks. Working out with a friend or family member can allow you to catch up and stay involved in each other’s lives while you both get the exercise you need. If you have children, bring the whole family along. Spend quality time with your kids and try some family activities. Instead of taking the kids out for pizza, go for a hike. Studies have shown that families that make exercise a fun part of their time together are healthier in the long run.

7 Tips To Rejuvenate Your Workout

1. Find A Partner - Talk to your friends and family about working out together. Look for someone at a similar fitness level, and with similar fitness goals.

Other options for a workout partner can be a colleague at work, people at your gym, a personal trainer, or you could even try some of the workout groups online. The President’s Council On Physical Fitness And Sports has groups across the country.

2. Friendly Competition - Once most of those extra pounds have come off, it is common for people to reach a plateau in weight loss. Having a fitness buddy boosts your workout by having someone to compete with. Friendly competition can help you run a little further or do those extra twenty crunches. Just remember not to overdo it, keep it light and fun so that you don’t risk possible injuries.

3. Try Something New - Joining a gym or trying new class can be intimidating. Especially if you think everyone there is going to be lean and fit. Working out and sweating in front of strangers makes many people nervous. Bringing along a friend will give you the reassurance you need to try something new; and variety is a great tool in helping you stick to your fitness goals.

4. Forget About It - Let’s face it: exercise can sometimes be uncomfortable. Muscles burn, feet ache, you get short of breath, hot, and sweaty. It is easy to focus on the discomfort and get discouraged. Having a partner along is a great distraction. The conversation can take your mind off the burn and help you fight the urge to quit.

5. Partner Assistance - use your partner’s weight to your advantage in partner stretches. Vary your workout by participating in activities that require more than one person, such as tennis or team sports. Or build your relationship by learning to trust each other in rock climbing or weight spotting.

6. Four Legged Partners - Take your dog along on your next walk or bike ride. He might need to shed some of those extra doggie biscuits you’ve been spoiling him with, and you’ll both benefit from the fresh air and exercise. If you don’t have a dog, consider getting one, or volunteer to walk dogs at your local animal shelter.

7. Keep It Safe - Working out alone, especially in more remote areas, can be risky. If you get hurt or sick, there may be no one around to help. Exercising alone can also make you a target for crime, and being fearful is no way to enjoy your workout routine. Bring along a partner: you’ll be safer and feel more confident.

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