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Protein Shakes and Supplements. Do they really work?


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One of the most popular questions floating around the gym is, “do protein powders really work?” and then the question quickly leads to another popular question, “what brand of protein powder do you use?” You probably heard of these questions quite often. Probably you asked them yourself! I am not saying it is a stupid question to ask because there are hundreds of brands of protein powder and supplements out there that you simply cannot decided which one is better than the other. It is very easy to get swept away by such a massive variety of supplements.

Protein powder and supplements are great, however many people think that it is some magical substance that will dramatically enhance growth in your muscles. Many people also believe that the more supplements they take, the better their results will be. These people are wrong. Protein powder and other supplements are catalysts. They simply help the body build muscle. They do not build muscle on their own. What builds muscle are the foods that you eat daily. They have way more nutrition that is easier for the body to digest and more natural to your muscles. So focusing on your regular diet will dramatically increase your progress in building muscle.

If you already have a solid diet plan then protein powder and other supplements can enhance your body’s ability to build muscle. However, do not over consume supplements because it can be detrimental to your body. Taking protein powder as an example, protein powder has……well, a lot of protein. Protein is very hard to digest. Your liver has to go through a lot of work to process protein to your body. So if you’re taking 5 protein shakes a day…STOP! Your liver is begging you to stop taking so much protein. Also remember that your body decides how much nutrition you need. Therefore, if you take more protein than you need then the body will simply consider the rest as waste. So over consuming supplements is not only detrimental to your body, but you will also be wasting your money.

So remember, everything must be in moderation. I am not claiming that supplements are bad. They are certainly helpful in giving that extra push. I am saying it should never be the core of your diet plan in building muscle. Good luck and keep pumpin those weights!

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