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Health benefits of consuming seacod oil


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Seacod oil – Super food

Oil sourced from the liver of cold water fish like the cod has numerous health benefits. So concentrated a source of vitamins and minerals is it, that it has now taken on the status of a super food for health conscious people. It is important though, that you consult your physician before starting the course.

What is so special about seacod oil?

Cod liver oil is a treasure trove of vitamins like vitamin A (Retinol) and vitamin D. Vitamin A is important for the health of eyes, skin and hair. Vitamin D is necessary for the good health of bones and teeth, as well as muscle regenration. Seacod oil also contains Omega 3 fatty acids, which are excellent for the health of the heart. Minerals like phosphorus, calcium, sodium and potassium are also present in requisite quantities

Health benefits of consuming seacod oil

A primary health benefit of seacod oil is that it helps alleviate mild forms of depression. Clearly, this is a mantal benefit which ensures proper functioning of the mind and emotional faculties. It actually is safer to consume seacod oil instead of allopathic medications for depression, as the latter can have detrimental side efects on the body. Also, pharmaceutical medicines do not provide any nourishment, while seacod oil does so in plenty. Healthy fatty acids in seacod oil help you have a better, much more efficient circulatory system. Cardiac health, as well as proper blood flow and lessened level of cholesterol and harmful triglycerides can be achieved with cod liver oil consumption. Also, the vitamins and minerals in seacod oil help maintain a well functioning nervous system.

Seacod oil as a beauty aid

Vitamin A present in seacod oil is great for ocular, meaning eye health. Your eyesight is protected, and mild defects like blurriness of vision can be cured by taking these supplements. Blood shot eyes are cleared, and the whiteness of the pupils restored making the eyes look prettier. Skin health too, is greatly enhanced by the consumption of seacod oil. It helps skin becomee smoother, supple and brings on a lovely glow. Also, the ageing process is delayed Seacod oil helps prevent, as well as cure hair loss. It helps hair take on a glossy sheen too. A great health benefit of seacod oil is that it helps to stay fit. It gives the stamina and the vitality to exercise and stay fit, and hence maintain a great figure too.

A very important health benefit of seacod oil is that a person’s immunity levels are considerably boosted by its consumption. You fall sick lesser often, and when you do you can be assured you will recover rapidly. Also, the Vitamin D in it helps the bones grow stronger, and helps prevent fractures especially in elderly people. If you want to prevent kidney diseases, or even diabetes, seacod oil consumption is a good bet. Even if you are already suffering from the diseases, it can help alleviate symptoms. The vitamins and minerals in seacod oil are also said to be able to help cure cancer.


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