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Are Your Joints Ready For Summer?


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Are we ready for summer? Yes, but are our joints ready? That is a question, depending on our summer plans (and possibly our age!) that we need to ask ourselves.

When you are young you don’t think about the way your body moves and how much wear it takes through the years, but sadly it does. There comes a time when you begin to age, when you do not have much choice but to confront it; because the signals come through loud and clear. A pain here, an ache there, stiffness in the morning and when rising - what can you do?

We can start by getting healthier the right way. Good nutrition, slow and mild, not strenuous, exercise. Aim for Conditioning before you try anything that will strain your body. Would we run 10 miles without getting our body and strength up to a good level? No of course not. Why would we think our bodies should just up and go especially after years of wear and tear. There is a lot of information out there to lead you in the right direction on what conditioning is right for you. Between your family doctor, the internet and reading you can find all the information you need.

There are of course also a lot of supplements that say they can help, but which one is the right one?

What do you need in a supplement? Ideally you need to find a product that has been fully researched, one that is natural with non-hazardous ingredients to you and the environment. A product that lubricates all the parts of your joints and that has ingredients to nurture and concentrate on their individual targets, making your joints feel looser and more flexible and of course with the aim to last longer.

Joints in the body usually contain synovial fluid and cartilage which acts as lubrication between joints, but after years of wear and tear, Thinning of the fluid (importantly the Hyaluronic acid) can cause breakdown and leaves less cushion between the bones. Rubbing of these bones can cause aches, pains, low strength, difficulty with daily activities, stiffness, posture issues and more.

A good supplement is made with a high source of natural ingredients, such as; Glucosamine Hcl, Natural Chondroitin , Manganese and Omega 3 oils. These ingredients can support the joints, help slow down wear and tear and help remove stiffness. Along with a few vitamins this natural supplement can make the difference in completing your daily activities with less or no joint pain .

Don't spend a summer missing out or ‘pushing through the pain’ to leave your Autumn a tennis elbow dream! Find a decent supplement that has good reviews for success and take some of the strain off!

Graeme supplies his wizardry to oneagency. co, wesbite design - writing on behalf of iMove Joint Health Supplements


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