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Resveratrol Health Benefits


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Resveratrol has been used extensively for many years now in the far east as a remedy for various health problems. It has taken decades for resveratrol to become recognised in western countries and become popular, and sales have taken off big time since they were featured on some of America’s favorite prime time TV shows. These TV shows are reputable programs and must not be seen to be remiss and ill informed so what they are saying about resveratrol health benefits must be taken seriously.

Why are the nations best loved TV shows so intrigued by this popular supplement?

On one show, a very well known doctor was talking about living to ripe old ages. He said that he had no doubt that humans will soon be living to 125 years old. This was partly because of a greater awareness of health issues and better diet, and partly through advances in science.

The doctor was explaining how resveratrol mimics the effect that calorific restriction has on us. It activates these longevity genes (sirtuins) that are in our cells. If the cells in us become damaged in any way, sirtuins help the cells to repair themselves and even prevent them from being damaged initially. Because our cells have greater longevity, it stands to reason that our bodies will last longer as a result and also suffer less age related diseases.

Apart from helping us to live longer, when sirtuins are triggered, they cause the fat that is stored within our cells to burn away. The very effort that our cells are put through to burn off this fat uses a lot of energy so this causes even more weight loss.

The French have a relatively low occurrence of coronary disease. This is surprising considering the amount of fat that they consume in their diet and they also smoke more than average too. Scientists have discovered that it is the amount of red wine that they consume on a regular basis. The resveratrol that was present within the wine was keeping their hearts healthy despite the poor diet.

Resveratrol has many health benefits that have already been discovered but there are many more that are being researched. Research is still young and it will take a good few years to uncover the full health benefits of this compound.

The question is - If we don't take resveratrol health supplements now, and wait until the full range of health benefits become clear in the future - will it be too late for our generation to begin taking them and benefit?

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Resveratrol Supplements - How Can They Can Benefit You
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