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Do Resveratrol Supplements Do What They Say On The Tin?

Charlie Cory

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Resveratrol supplements have been talked about in all of the media of late. The reason for this is that the claim for these pills is that they can extend your life. The hype is talk of anti-aging, which conjures up images of wizards and magic wands, but what is the reality?

The core component of Resveratrol is a natural nutrient, found in the skin of the red grape, in blue berries, raspberries and most famously in the Japanese Knotweed, which is more widespread than its name suggests; found in the USA, Europe and the Far East. Studies have shown that this chemical helps the plants in which it is found to ward off infections, so it has attracted the attention of scientists.

So what is their conclusion?

Because Resveratrol is an antioxidant, tests have been carried out on it's effectiveness to reduce plaque in the brain; a common cause of conditions such as Alzheimer's disease. Resveratrol supplements have also been shown to have an affect on weight loss, because the compound has an adverse effect on calorie intake.

Some research suggests that Resveratrol supplements need to be taken in high dosages to have a noticeable effect. I would argue that Resveratrol would have a better effect as part of a specific health plan as a dietary aid, rather than as a panacea for all of your ills. Time will tell if further research discovers more about this substance, but because it is a natural nutrient, I don't think you will do any harm by taking the supplement in the recommended doses.

Because of all of the hoo ha surrounding it, Resveratrol has found it's way all over the web. You need to take care to ensure that you obtain the genuine article, and not a bogus product, which does not contain any Resveratrol, despite what you are told.

There is no doubt that this supplement has been beneficial to many thousands of user across the globe. There are glowing testimonials that give credence to the beneficial properties of Resveratrol. As long as you buy the genuine article, you should see an improvment to your health.

Read our Resveratrol Supplement Reviews , to discover which products are the real deal and offer the best value for money in anti-aging products.


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