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Nutritional Supplements Can They Be Personalized?

Jason Williamson

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Picture this. . .

There's a company out there that offers Nutritional Supplements that are Personalized to Your Genetic Code. I know, I know, it sounds crazy, but keep reading.

GeneWize Life Sciences has developed and patented several processes for the collection and analysis of DNA. GeneWize is the Marketing arm of 12 year old parent company, GeneLink BioSciences. GeneWize is charged with Bringing Nutritional Supplements and Skin Care products Personalized to Your DNA to the general public. The Company is launching this endeavor on August 1st.

How Does it Work?

It really is very, very easy. GeneWize is going to send you a DNA Collection Kit in the Mail. When you receive the kit, open it up and read the directions. Basically, you will be rubbing a cotton swab on the inside of your cheek for a few seconds. Then you let it dry, stick it back in the envelope provided and mail it back to GeneWize.

The company will then take your sample and pull from it Your personal Genetic Code. From your genetic code they are able to learn where you may have genetic deficiencies, or where you may have genetic excesses. After they have your code analyzed, they begin creating Your Personal Nutritional Supplement that is designed specifically for you.

GeneWize uses over 100 different whole food ingredients that have been proven to aid in repairing your genetic deficiencies. They are able to combine these ingredients in over 177,000 different combinations to create your supplement, or vitamin. The applications and potential of this science are extremely powerful.

GeneWize is also very environmentally conscious. Once your personalized supplement is ready to be shipped to each month, it will be packaged in a Very Environmentally Friendly manner. The company is very proud to leave as small a footprint on the environment as possible. Truly a Total Health and Wellness approach to Business and Cutting Edge Nutrition.

GeneWize Life Sciences will begin delivering personalized nutrition to the public in August of 2008. For More information on this cutting edge company, please visit or


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