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Vitamin B5 Benefits

Johnny Moon

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Vitamin B5 is a water soluble vitamin that is an essential nutrient for sustaining life. It's scientific (Pantothenic acid) name actually comes the Greek word which means “from everywhere. " This is because Vitamin B5 is very common and is found in nearly every food.

It's probably partly because of how common it is that it hasn't been a focus of supplements until recently when it's been discovered that large doses of B5 vitamins are actually extremely effective in stopping acne. It clears the formation of acne by stopping it at it's source which is the overproduction of oil inside the body.

Obviously this ability to stop acne has become it's number one benefit as more and more people are turning to B5 supplements to cure their acne. But that's far from the only benefit that can be derived from taking large amounts of Vitamin B5.

Other Benefits (besides acne prevention. )

1. Hair Care. Pantothenic acid has been added to many hair care products (like shampoo) with the belief that it can help the hair hold onto it's color. This belief is based on mouse trials where it was shown that mice with a B5 deficiency lost hair color.

2. Dream Stimulant. People have reported that taking Vitamin B5 before bedtime can greatly increase the likeliness of them remembering their dreams.

3. Clarity of Thought. Some people have reported having clearer thoughts and more “focus" while taking large amounts Pantothenic acid.

4. Increased Energy. An increase an energy has also been noted as a common benefit of taking high levels of Vitamin B5. Particularly of interest is that this increased energy is not the type of “speedy" feeling that one gets from caffeine or other stimulents. It's a more “natural" feeling energy.


You may be concerned about toxicity from taking large amounts of B5 supplements but there's nothing to worry about as it's very unlikely. In fact no serious side effects have ever been noted even from very large doses of Vitamin B5.

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B5 Vitamins .


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