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Vitamin B5 Supplements

Johnny Moon

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Known By Many Names

1. Vitamin B5
2. B5 Supplement
3. Pantothenic Acid
4. Calcium Pantothenate

Different Name But The Same Thing

Even though it's known by many different names, it is the same thing regardless of which name is being used.

"From Everywhere"

It's scientific name (Pantothenic Acid) comes from the Greek word Pantothen which means “From Everywhere. " Why? Because Vitamin B5 is found in almost every food. It's found in higher amounts in legumes, eggs, whole-grains, and meat.

Acne Treatment

Vitamin B5 supplements taken in large amounts usually clears acne in less than one week according to a study by Dr. Lit-Hung Leung published in 1995. Many people have since taken B5 supplements to clear their acne with great success. It works by slowing down the overproduction of oil inside the body which has been shown to be the main cause of acne. It is very successful as an acne treatment because it treats the problem at it's cause while topical acne treatments (such as pads & creams) are unsuccessful because they attempt to control acne breakouts when it's already too late (they are on the skin. )

Other Benefits Of B5 Vitamins

1. Reduction Of Cholesterol Levels.
2. Reduction Of Triglycerides.
3. Reduction Of Pain Severity in Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients.
4. A Feeling Of Increased Energy. A “Natural" Feeling Energy Without The Jitters Of Caffeine Or Other Stimulants.
5. A Feeling Of Clarity Of Thought. Some People Report Feeling More Focused And “Clear Minded" When Taking Large Amounts Of Vitamin B5 Supplements.
6. Dream Stimulant. Some Have Reported Greater Recall Of Their Dreams While Taking B5.

Side Effects

There has been no serious side effects of taking large amounts of Vitamin B5 reported by anyone. It is thought to be completely safe.

Buy Online

It's often hard to find these supplements at local stores. It's recommended to purchase them online.

Vitamin B5 Acne Treatment . Learn more about how you can treat acne with B5 vitamins. Order online.

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