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Try Amalaki for Its Anti-Oxidant Properties and More

Shannon Lokker

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One of the best anti-oxidants acknowledged by mankind is Amla. In Sanskrit, Amla is known as Amalaki and its common name is Indian gooseberry. The fruit is of a deciduous type tree located within tropical countries which boast a warm climatic condition. It is a medium height tree and is mentioned within the Ayurvedic medicinal books. The manuscripts readily recommend the fruit as a body rejuvenator.

Its scientific nomenclature is Emblica officinalis and it is a medium size tree containing reddish brown bark. Although the complete parts of the plant can be successfully used, it is generally the fruit that is employed for medical purposes.

The fruit has been universally used in the country of India since the times of prehistoric man. Its use combines many different forms from chutney or a sauce, pickles, murabba and powders. It is not uncommon to find that just about every kitchen in India can properly prepare this fruit. Even today it remains an important part of the Ayurvedic medicine as well as supplementing the Triphala, Amalaki, chavyanprasha, rasayana, and the arogyaverdhani vati.

The list below portrays several of the health benefits derived from this fruit.

It is an excellent source for vitamin C. Amalaki represents a major source for vitamin C as it contains about 720 milligrams of ascorbic acid for every 100 grams. The juice of the Amalaki berry contains 900 milligrams of vitamin C for every 100 gram.

It promotes the absorption of one's food. Amalaki has been cited as being beneficial in the promotion of food absorption within the body. It will easily promote the absorption of water as well as the other nutrients within the intestines.

It generally balances the gastric juices of the body. Amalaki is a helpful addition to maintaining the correct secretions of the gastric juices, in particular the hydrochloric acid which is secreted within the stomach. The hydrochloric acid is a helpful feature for the proper digestion of your food; however should it start secreting in larger amounts it can causes the disorder know widely as acidity.

It will improve the liver condition. The Amla fruit is considered the best of the liver stimulants. It aids in the accurate secretion of the liver's bile juice and helps maintain the proper metabolism of the related fats. It will improve the immunity of your body as well as protect you from ailments such as malaria or jaundice.

It drastically improves your mental stamina. The fruit is well known as a brain tonic. It aids in improving your brain function and improves your means of mental concentration. It will tend to increase your learning ability and your retention factor.

It regulates proper elimination, thus promoting effective removal of body toxins. It will tone up your gastrointestinal tract greatly.

The fruit will tone up your urinary system as well as fight off any sort of infections which happen to attack your body. It reduces any chances of calculus buildup within your kidneys.

Foremost it will improve your skin texture. This is such a wonderful product for improving one's skin as it provides the all important nourishments that the skin requires to remain in a glowing state. It readily prevents any sort of infection from occurring to your body as a result of the infection coming through the skin. It improves the blood circulation to your skin and purifies the blood to prevent any associated blood infections.

It quickly promotes thick hair growth and texture. This product is frequently employed in India as a hair tonic as it prevents premature graying of one's hair and maintains its natural color.

It is the best herbal antioxidant that you can find available today. It eliminates free radical formations which develop in your body and eliminates the various toxins. It maintains a glowing state within your skin and reduces wrinkle formations.

It is a very useful tool for improving the body's immunity as it readily promotes the body's ability to form antibodies in order to fight any invasion of antigens.

This valuable fruit is also good for your eyesight. It tends to strengthen eye muscles and possesses great potential for possibly creating condition of removing spectacles. It will easily prevent eye related problems such as watering, redness and itching of your eyes.

Shannon Lokker
Zrii Independent Executive

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