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Muscle Building Supplements - The Top Four Muscle Building Supplements

Dean Boukaras

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These top 4 muscle building supplements have been around since the early 80's and haven't really changed much. This just proves how effective they are and will continue to be. You don't need to go after the new hyped up supplements of the 21st century. A large part of supplements really aren't all that useful for most people anyhow. If you want to pack on some muscle you really should be focusing on your diet first. In fact, the most important supplement is the food you eat. Once you have this established, then you can introduce supplements into your diet to help you go beyond.

So you might be looking at the list and wondering what is so special about these supplements since they have been around for a long time. What's special about them isn't so much the supplement itself, but when you take the supplement. Supplement timing is far more important than the supplement itself.

Let's begin. . .

Muscle Building Supplement # 1


We all know about protein and most people that work out consume it all hours of the day. The best times to consume protein are in the morning immediately upon waking. You will want to consume an isolated protein rather than a concentrate to absorb the protein as quickly as possible, especially after sleeping for so many hours. Another optimal time to consume isolated protein is prior to a workout. You may even consume protein during a workout - I would recommend around10-20 grams of isolated protein. The most critical time for protein consumption however, is right after your workout - I would recommend around 30-60 grams of isolated protein depending on your weight. Even if your diet is lacking, you will find benefit in a post workout protein shake. Another great time to consume a protein shake is right before you go to bed but this time, consume a concentrated blend because it will take the protein longer to break down. This is good because we will be sleeping and our bodies will have some fuel through the night.

Muscle Building Supplement # 2


The primary use of creatine is to strengthen muscles and increase lean body mass. Many people are misinformed about creatine and the effects it has on the body. The reason for this is because many manufactures are/were producing low quality creatine which was actually toxic to the body. The purest creatine available is German grade and it goes by the name of Creapure. The dose of creatine varies with each individual and you don't have to load it as you may have been told. The best time to take creatine is right before and after you workout. Typically you would drink it with your pre-post workout protein shake.

Muscle Building Supplement # 3


Glutamine helps prevent muscle breakdown. Glutamine is also converted into glucose when needed and works well with your pre-post workout protein shake. This is because our glucose levels are very low after a workout and we must replenish them. Glutamine is also known to help increase our healing time, and protect our immune system. This is very important especially if you train very hard and need to recover quickly.

Muscle Building Supplement # 4


BCAA's stands for Branched Chain Amino Acids; these aminos are leucine, isoleucine, and valine. These aminos are essential and we could not survive without them. BCAA's help prevent muscle loss and increase our endurance. This is especially useful before and after a workout. Typically you would add this supplement to your pre-post workout shake. The dose can range between 3-5 grams per serving based on your weight.

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