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Cheap Fish Oil Products May Damage Your Health More Than It Helps


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For some reason, some people are just bargain hunters. There's nothing inherently wrong with this, but when you specifically look for cheap fish oil, you are most likely getting what you pay for.

I would be hesitant to take any cheap omega 3 product myself for a few reasons I'll discuss in this article.

I'll also explain why the most expensive fish oil products aren't necessarily the best either.

But, first, let's cover why the cheapest fish oil may not be in your best interest to take.

Fish oils can come from different species of fish. Some fish are just naturally higher in omega-3 content than others. If you buy a cheap omega 3 product, you may be getting less omega 3's than your body required.

When it comes to fish, the sad reality is that all of the Ocean waters suffer from some form of pollution. . . whether man-made or natural. These toxins build up in the flesh of the most healthy fish to eat: tuna, mackerel, salmon.

Indeed, the FDA says to limit the amount of fish you eat every month because of deadly toxins like lead and PCB's and mercury that can accumulate in the flesh of fatty fish.

This is very unfortunate, as before widespread man-made pollution, fatty fish were the most healthy food source in the world.

The point of all of this is that there is a process known as molecular distillation. Molecular distillation is a process by which the toxins are removed, leaving only the healthy fish oils. . . which can then be encapsulated into supplements.

Some cheap fish oil supplements have not undergone molecular distillation, which means you are consuming the contaminants as well.

Another reason why cheap omega 3 products may not be the best is because many fish used in these products are caught from long distance, then put in tankers, which transport the fish to its ultimate destination for processing.

Anyone who has eaten fish knows it goes bad quickly and you get a fishy smell. . . rancidity sets in quickly.

If you go for the least expensive product, you are most likely buying a product that may not even be fresh.

Now, let's discuss why the most expensive fish oils may not be the best either.

Some brands are very expensive due to costly marketing. Have you seen brands recommended by celebrity doctors? What about Dr. Sears (he's a household name now)? When you pay for a product that is heavily marketed, endorsed by a celebrity or well-known doctor, you are paying for all that marketing. The only way for them to offset the cost is to charge higher prices for their product.

In short, the money went into the marketing, not the product itself.

This is not to say that their products are poor. They are very good products. But you are simply paying a premium for their marketing costs.

The reality is this: the best fish oil products are made from a species of fish high in omega-3, have undergone molecular distillation, and tell you what the exact breakdown of omega-3's there are in each capsule. Keep in mind that there is DHA and EPA omega 3 fatty acids, and a product should tell you how much of each is in each capsule, in addition to telling you the total amount of omega 3 content.

Through extensive research we have concluded that you can buy a top-notch product for between $15 to $20 dollars a month. If you are paying more than that, you are paying too much. If you are paying less than that, you are getting a cheap omega 3 product that may hurt your health more than it helps.

Dan Ho is chief editor of Visit us now to learn about the omega 3 fish oil product we personally take and why we chose it.


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