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Restoring Your Iron Balance with Supplements and Dieting


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Iron is one of the most important minerals that our body needs in order to function well. Without the recommended dosage of iron, you can feel tired, irritable, and nausea. With a proper diet and the right supplements, you can be back on your way to restoring your iron deficiency and energy!

Iron is just one of the minerals found in hemoglobin. Hemoglobin carries oxygen through the bloodstream, therefore carrying it throughout the body. Without the right amount of hemoglobin in our system, we can start to feel the effects. Some of us might have constant digestive problems, headaches and built up stress.

Not everyone who is low in iron has anemia but most iron deficient people have what is called anemia. Iron is needed to create the energy our body lives in. Without this, we will most likely feel tired, falsely being compared to chronic fatigue.

Iron deficiency anemia is common among women. Pregnant women, especially in their third trimester, are very likely to become iron deficient. Pregnant women who are either in or entering their third trimester should be more concerned on how much iron is needed making sure it is enough for two!

Being deficient in iron is not the end of the world for most people. It takes a little patience and commitment to restore your iron balance. Some of the most important procedures to restoring your iron levels are taking the right supplements and looking closer at your meal choices.

Iron can be found in a lot of the foods that we eat. The most effective way is to consume foods in which the iron is absorbable. Some of these foods are poultry, fish and meats. Other foods not including “meat" are leafy greens, certain sources of fruit and some sources found in alcohol.

There is another way to get the right amount of iron we need. Iron is found in a lot of supplements and is a partial ingredient to any multi vitamin. Today there are almost too many supplements to choose from.

When targeting a specific area of nutrition, you should carefully look for supplements that will boost what you are missing. In this case, you want to look for something that contains a high source of iron.

One thing I want to stress is too much iron can cause digestive problems. Some of the side effects of having too much iron are; abdominal pain, your stool being dark in color, almost black, constipation and diarrhea with traces of blood in it.

There are a few possibilities in which we can absorb too much iron. If we eat too much meat day after day iron will build up and serious constipation occurs. While certain nutrients are great in abundance, consuming too much iron is not recommended.

Another way to have too much iron in our systems is the misuse of related supplements. As with any supplement, take only as directed. Iron is not a mineral that we can just double up on, unlike other vitamins like vitamin c when we feel a cold coming on. Too much of a good thing does not always work out for the better!

We need the right amount of iron daily. Too little and we might be fatigued and too much can lead to digestive pains and constipation. If you are still unsure of the symptoms of anemia or a less severe case of iron deficiency, please consult your doctor.

Steven Johnson is committed to helping people maintain healthy and effective lifestyles. For more information on any other health supplements please visit his website Alternative Health Supplements at


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