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New Dark Chocolate Dietary Supplement Gains Popularity


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There is now a new alternative to the store bought variety of chocolate that is loaded with sugar and fats that many have become enslaved to over the years. This product even goes far beyond the recently discovered antioxidant benefits of plain dark chocolate. It's a dietary supplement that has a very powerful combination of amino acids, vitamins and minerals put within the confines of natural dark chocolate.

"The reason we put them into a chocolate is chocolate potentiates or makes the nutrients work better. " stated the product's creator, Dr Paul Anderson. “But it really is about turning on that brain, elevating that mood. " Dr Anderson has a history of developing non-drug and nutritional remedies for people suffering from chronic pain and depression and soon realized after giving initial samples that “the mood enhancing properties of this chocolate was so prevalent. "

Along with mood enhancement characteristics the new dark chocolate dietary supplement raised energy levels as well. It differs from the over-the-counter type that has the “frantic" sort of charge that inevitably retreats to a crash in little time. The energy from Dr Anderson's healthy chocolate lasts between 4 to 6 hours and lets one down gradually.

This dark chocolate dietary supplement also has very little sugar and is only 40 calories a serving. This is diametrically opposed to the traditional name brand chocolate that's chock full of unhealthy fat and sugars that can do damage to the body both inside and out. This advantage would work extremely well with those that battle the “love handle" syndrome on a daily basis.

The name of this revolutionary product is called IsaDelight. Dr Anderson says that it's good for “anyone looking for better moods, more energy, looking to focus and be able to enjoy their days and really be happy. " You can see and hear Dr Anderson talk about IsaDelight by clicking on (or cutting and pasting) Why not get the full story directly from the product formulator himself? It's in your best interests to get all of the facts for the benefit of your health and the ones you love.

Email Brian at to be sent order information and with any questions including how you can sign-up and get the product at the wholesale price.


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