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Flex Protex - A New Remedy For Joint Pain


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Health professionals confirmed what our grandmothers knew all along; that oat bran is good for health as it reduces serum cholesterol. After studying oat bran, scientists turned their attention to rice bran, which is a byproduct when rice is milled. Studies had earlier established that rice bran, the outer layer accounts for 10% of rice kernel but possesses 65% of nutritive value indeed.

Since rice bran quickly becomes rancid, it was not used in our diets. However, recent developments in food technology made it possible to stabilize bran and extract its oil. Rice bran supplements have been found to reduce the bad cholesterols by around 7% through interaction with lipoproteins as well.

Flex protex, developed by patty mcpeak, is a food supplement based on rice bran oil. Greater than 120 naturally occuring antioxidants have been discovered in flex protex so it's no wonder that this supplement, rich in polynutrients, does not have any side effects.

Supplements of rice bran such as flex protex indirectly work to limit the damages from arthritis and pain in the joints. Many types of arthritis cause severe debilitation and disability in not only older people but increasingly in younger people too. Osteoarthritis, a degenerative joint disease, is the most prevalent. It too causes joint pain that becomes progressively severe as the person gets older.

If your joints are giving you pain, or you feel like you might have arthritis, visit your physician. For some types of arthritis, cures exist, including surgery, therapy, drugs, joint replacement, creams, and over the counter supplements like flex protex. These may restore fluid around the joints, improving their functioning and decreasing pain.

Healthy people who are not suffering from arthritis or any other debilitation or disease can benefit from including rice bran in their food as well. Rice bran is a natural source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that are essential for keeping good health. You can also start using rice bran oil for frying and roasting and occasionally even for salad dressing and barbecues.

We Americans are very careless about our eating habits. In today's life we eat all kind of junk food, red meat and other calorie rich food. They are very bad for our body and health. It is high time that we should realize this and switch over to some nutritious food.

Flex Protex is a dietary supplement developed from rice bran oil by Patty McPeak to provide nutrients present in grain brans easily. Oat bran has long been a standby of folk health, and has proven to have such wide-ranging benefits as relief of joint pain and reducing serum cholesterol. Rice bran is that much more beneficial: it contains 65% of the nutrients of the rice grain. Rice bran can be incorporated into the diet even of healthy individuals to their long-term benefit: the American diet is high in unhealthy compounds that the nutrients in rice bran and other such supplements can help counteract. You can try a bottle of Flex Protex for FREE by going to:


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