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Signs of Alcoholism in Women Are They Different From the Alcoholism Signs in Men?


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Alcohol! The word brings with itself a number of images to one's mind. Some of them are good but mostly they are negative. Drinks are associated with functions, parties and celebrations but that is not the end of the story. People who enjoy alcohol on occasional basis do not have to face the negative effects of alcohol. It is those people who are alcoholics who need to bear the bad effects of high alcohol blood level in their bodies. There are a few signs of to lookout for to know whether a person is addicted to alcohol or not. Now, some people think that signs of alcoholism in women are different from those that are found in men. Let's see how true it is.

It is found that the alcoholics show a certain kind of symptoms when they are totally in the grip of this poison. Now, if somebody wishes to get rid of this habit then first of all one should try to recognize these signs. One needs to know that alcohol affects the mind of the human body and whatever symptoms or problems an alcoholic faces is just because of this reason only. And the mind of a man and a woman is almost similar. That is the reason why most of the signs are the same - be it males or females.

An alcoholic is generally addicted so much to alcohol that he/she takes help of alcohol only to get over the hangover of last drinks. The addiction starts by craving for alcohol whenever you face nay troubles in your life but ultimately it turns the other way round. Alcoholism starts creating troubles in your life whenever you are drunk. If you have reached this stage then you have become an alcoholic. You will find yourself looking out for reasons to drink. You would love to drink alone. You will be hiding your drinking habits from your friends and family.

Other symptoms include being irritated whenever you are confronted to get rid of this perilous habit. There are also some physical signs that show that you have become a victim of alcoholism. You might feel body weakness and poor eating habits. You will face a loss of appetite and would crave for certain particular things. Psychologically, you will be more tensed and would get easily excited. Excess of alcohol hits your brain and brain starts working as a counteract force to get relived of alcoholism. In this way, it starts working abnormally.

The one symptom that differs in a man and a woman is the effect alcohol has on the *** ability. However, it will not affect the *** pleasure of a woman directly, it will cause her more gynecological problems. On the other hand, a man faces problem in generating sperms and in *** tion. Alcoholism affects every part of life.

Once you notice the signs of alcoholism in women or in men, you should try to make that person understand the effects of it on the entire metabolism and society as well. Although, one cannot stop drinking just like that, especially when one becomes totally addicted to it but it is never too late to start reducing your alcohol intake!

Graham Timson has a special interest in alcoholism and has been writing many ‘alcohol abuses’ related articles to graciously aid people to understand the problems and for those who need it, to get help with it.

Find out more about the Alcoholism Disease and get up to speed with the facts about Alcoholism and Marriage .


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The Signs of Alcoholism - Escaping the CAGE of Alcohol Dependency
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